Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd November 2022 Written Update: Banni learns Manini is not behind Yuvan’s trauma


Banni Chow Home Delivery 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Kabir getting angry seeing the broken state of Tulika’s childhood belongings. Banni sees him and thinks I know you will get angry seeing the broken state of Tulika’s childhood belongings as I saw you showing them to Tulika with affection. Kabir says he won’t leave Banni. He goes to Banni. He confronts her about why she broke Tulika’s childhood belongings which are important to him. Banni says she didn’t do it and it may work of the person who massaged you. Kabir asks why that person will do it. Banni says that person wants you to be Kabir and make you dance for his dance.

Kabir says no, I don’t let that person play with me again, from childhood that person gave the wrong medicine to Yuvan but I didn’t take that person seriously but not anymore as that person crossed all limits. Banni asks if it’s Manini. Kabir says it’s not Manini and that person is in front of me in the house and I will teach that person a lesson. He leaves. Banno thinks who is that person, I have to know about that person to know the childhood trauma of Yuvan then only he get cured.

Viraj gives the revolver to Banni. Banni thanks him and asks if it has fake bullets. Viraj agrees and asks why she needs it. Banni says it’s needed to know who gave the wrong medicines to Yuvan from childhood then we can reach the trauma of Yuvan and once his trauma is settled then Kabir chapter will be ended. It’s shown some man combing the hair of a woman.

Banno calls everyone downstairs. Everyone comes out and asks what’s the matter. Banni shows them a revolver. She asks who informed Kabir that her marriage with Agastya is fake. She sees Veer. Veer says he didn’t do anything. Alapana says Banni is playing a double game. Banni rebukes her. Devraj asks them to stop accusing each other. He asks Banni what happened. Banni reveals someone from this house has broken the childhood belongings of Yuvan and Tulika so Kabir is angry and bought a gun. Hemant confronts Veer and warns him to stop conspiring against his son.

Veer says he didn’t do anything. Devraj stops them and says Manini might be behind it. Banni says Manini is not involved as Kabir told me and it’s someone from this home who is responsible for Yuvan’s trauma. Veer says everyone’s life is at risk because of Kabir. Alapana says she will go to her sister and mother by booking the next day’s flight. Banni asks if she is the one who gave the wrong medicine to Yuvan. Alapana asks her to stop accusing her.

Kabir comes downstairs with a broken Bunty. He questions everyone who broke his Bunty. He reveals to everyone that Tulika is Bunty who Vandana bought at their house in childhood. Kabir says he will do the same to the person who broke the toy. He takes a revolver. Banni says it’s happening as she said. Kabir warns her to stay calm. Banni thinks whoever he alleges is the culprit.

Kabir questions everyone. Banni thinks about why Kabir is questioning everyone. Kabir asks Devraj if he destroyed all his childhood belongings. Everyone requests him to not harm Devraj. Kabir shoots Devraj. Everyone gets shocked. Then Kabir shoots the remaining family members. Banni looks at everything in shock.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni asks Myra where is Tulika. In the night Kabir meets Tulika and takes her with him telling it’s needed to get them united. Myra tells Banni that they are not visible from the morning.

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