Barrister Babu 12th November 2021 Written Update: Anirudh throws Batuk out of the house


Barrister Babu 12th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita knocking on the door and tells Batuk to open it. She requests him not to separate her from her children. Batuk says he will punish her like that as she is fake. Trilochan pleads Batuk saying Bondita is mother and a mother’s pain can never be fake, she will die without her children. Batuk laughs and says he wants Bondita to die. He keeps on saying how Bondita killed Anirudh when he did so much for her. She crossed all barriers using Anirudh’s goodness from childhood and then she betrayed him. Now Anirudh’s last sign his two children will be with him and he will take them to Delhi and will raise them. Batuk adds he will give them all love.

Bondita struggles to open the door as its locked by chains. She feels weakness but tries to stand up. She prays to get strength and then hits the door with a rod which was fallen there. Batuk laughs and thinks she can’t make it. The babies start crying. Trilochan says Batuk should not underestimate Bondita as a mother’s power is limitless. Sampurna prays to God for Bondita so that she gets her children from Batuk. Bondita warns him to not test her patience. She can even destroy the mansion. She tells him to give back her children and Batuk says if she has so much guts then he has a better plan. He goes upstairs and calls Bondita.

Bondita sees him and Batuk pours kerosene around her. He says just how Anirudh had to marry her years ago to save her from Sati custom. This time she will sacrifice herself like that and he will burn her alive. He throws matches and the ground catches fire. Bondita gets shocked and scared. She screams for help. There Anirudh is seen coming towards Roychowdhury mansion in his wheelchair. He sees Bondita is stuck in the middle and he shouts her name. Bondita gets delighted seeing him and says her belief was true. Her patibabu is alive. Anirudh gets up from his wheelchair somehow and tries to save her. He then extinguishes the fire with water. Bondita gets emotional seeing him and hugs him. Bondita tells him to save their children from Batuk as he is snatching them. Anirudh gets confused and Bondita tells him he has twin kids and he gets overwhelmed. Then she tells him the whole matter how Batuk misunderstood her and thinks she killed Anirudh.

Anirudh shouts Batuk and he tries to break the door to get inside. Bondita helps him. They sneak into the mansion and Anirudh gets delighted seeing his kids. Trilochan and Bihari also break the door and go to them. Trilochan gets overjoyed seeing Anirudh and hugs him. Batuk comes and calls Anirudh. Anirudh slaps him and tells him to get out and cuts ties with him. Bondita says Durga Ma’s blessings are with them and everything got better because of that. They should take their kids to Dugga Ma first. Trilochan also agrees. Anirudh and Bondita hold their babies in their arms and Anirudh says he believes his children will also bring changes in the society and will become Barrister one day. They look happy.

The end

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