Barrister Babu 17th June 2021 Written Update: Bondita stops her marriage ritual and exposes Thakuma

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Barrister Babu 17th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bondita falling unconscious. Kalindi says due to empty stomach it happened. She makes Bondita wear all jewels in her unconscious state. Sumati says to Kalindi Deboleena did the same thing with Bondita which she is doing. This is against Bondita’s consent. Kalindi says she can’t be compared with a greedy woman like Deboleena. She wants Bondita’s good only. Sumati says this is not the right way to secure Bondita’s future. She might lose her respect in Bondita’s eyes. Thakuma remains stubborn and says she wants to take her revenge from the Roychowdhurys. Later she covers up the matter saying she wants Bondita to get settled. Rimjhim supports Kalindi saying its the right thing to do to save their family respect else Tapur and Tupur’s future will get hampered because of Bondita.

Anirudh feels something is wrong. Vihari informs him that Thakuma took Bondita to temple. Anirudh says he knew Kalindi would do something like this though Bondita refused to marry. He goes to stop the ritual and Trilochan says he will accompany him.

Engagement ritual starts. Bondita is intoxicated. Groom’s family demands that they want to see Bondita is lucky for them or not. Priest reads Bondita’s palm and reveals she is lucky for them and they will be very fortunate to get a daughter in law like her. Groom’s family tell priest to finish the ritual. Kalindi gets happy and tells Bondita to touch their feet. Bondita does it with Rimjhim’s help. Anirudh reaches temple and finds something fishy seeing how Bondita is performing the ritual. He tries to stop them but Kalindi’s men threaten him with sword. They block Anirudh’s way and says Kalindi ordered them to not let him enter. Anirudh says he won’t obey what she said. They are about to get into fight with each other but Trilochan warns them to not hit him. But Kalindi’s men start beating Anirudh. They hold Trilochan tightly. He shouts Anirudh. Anirudh falls unconscious. Anirudh remembers Bondita.

Kalindi thinks after the ritual Bondita’s marriage will get fixed finally. Tapur apologises to Bondita in mind for not helping her. Anirudh murmurs in pain and says he has to save Bondita anyhow from Thakuma’s trap. Thakuma surely gave her some medicines. Trilochan gets emotional and says if Anirudh enters the temple Kalindi’s men will again attack him. Anirudh replies he can’t give up. He won’t let Kalindi destroy Bondita’s life. He gets up and rings the temple bell continuously. Bondita finally gains her consciousness and removes the cover from her face. She stops them and says she is already married to Anirudh and they got separated as well.

Bondita exposes Kalindi saying she lied to the groom’s family. Bondita says she broke her marriage as she can’t support an evil custom. Groom’s mother blames Thakuma for deceiving them. Kalindi says Bondita doesnt want to leave her mother that’s why she is cooking up stories. She is lying. Bondita still rejects the proposal saying she is not lying. Thakuma breaks her bangles angrily. Bondita shows her tattoo to everyone as a proof of what she is saying is right. She says Anirudh’s name is written on her hand.

Groom’s family start accusing Thakuma. They say Bondita is inauspicious and her first husband left her, how can she become someone’s wife again. She is not trustworthy, she has become impure. They tell Kalindi that she betrayed them by hiding the truth. Bondita stands shocked. Groom’s father throws away the aarti thal saying they don’t want to see Bondita’s face again. Aarti thal falls near Anirudh. He gets relieved. He sits and says Bondita finally fought for her own respect and raised her voice. She won too. Bondita hears his voice.

Episode ends

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