Barrister Babu 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Bondita learns about Subodh’s trick


Barrister Babu 23rd September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita saying strength’s another name is woman. She says she is Anirudh’s wife so she won’t let him get the punishment. She will save him. Subodh taunts Trilochan that what joke is going on. He challenges him saying Anirudh will get death punishment and his family will cry.

Bondita gives him kerchief saying he will need it after losing the case. Subodh says men don’t cry like women. They are not weak like women. He is in this profession for 15 years, he never lost any case. Bondita wont be able to compete with him. Bondita says but this time she will win. She says its just a profession for Subodh but for her it’s a test. Subodh says he will defeat a woman very easily. Bondita shuts him saying he didn’t get good teacher like Anirudh so he talks like this. Subodh again looks down on her saying he won’t fight a case where the defence lawyer is a woman.

Bondita says it’s his fear of losing the case so he wants to run away like a coward. Subodh accepts the challenge and says he will prove his point and will set an example that women don’t deserve equal rights like men. Bondita did wrong by wearing the robe and after Anirudh’s punishment she will always remember she took such a wrong step by fighting a case being a woman.

Subodh adds no woman will think of choosing this career, they only look good in sarees and while doing household chores. Bondita also challenges him saying she will prove him wrong and if a woman takes house responsibilities she can fight for the truth too to save the family respect. She says she will change his wrong thinking. Subodh ignores her.

Trilochan says Bondita is their last hope. A person spills tea on Bondita’s robe and Trilochan tells her to change it in washroom but Bondita says there’s no ladies washroom in the court. She doesn’t have enough time too. She goes out for some work.

Subodh instructs his assistant that Bondita has so much pride and he will ruin that. He tells him to trouble Bondita so that she goes to washroom frequently. Someone gives prasad to Bondita and she eats it. She comes back to court and Subodh learns his job is done.

Bondita suddenly feels uneasy and rushes to wasroom. Trilochan asks her where is she going. The hearing will start just now. Bondita says she will be back soon. Someone asks about Bondita and Subodh says Bondita is a woman and she ran away as she is afraid.

Judge comes to the court. Somnath and Trilochan wait for Bondita. Bondita finds the gate is closed so she calls the guard to open it. Guard says he doesn’t have the keys and he goes out to take the keys. Bondita waits for him and gets tensed. Anirudh comes to witness box wearing handcuffs. Subodh submits the appeal and Judge asks where is Anirudh’s lawyer? Subodh says she won’t return back now.

Judge says if Bondita doesn’t arrive on time the case will be dismissed and it won’t be reopened. Trilochan tells Somnath to find Bondita. Anirudh prays for Bondita’s safety as she can’t disappear like this. Bondita sees Dugga Idol outside and then she finds a medicine bottle. She understands Subodh’s trick that the latter mixed something in the prasad. Bondita feels helpless and gets stomach ache. Somnath says Bondita is nowhere to be found. Subodh mocks Bondita in court that the latter is taking time to get ready maybe, she is wearing make up etc as her photo will be printed in the newspaper.

Anirudh says Bondita is not such kind of a woman. She is a responsible barrister. Bondita heads towards court and Subodh says if Anirudh gets punishment the reason will be Bondita’s carelessness only. Anirudh takes stand for her that she got stuck in a problem maybe. A lawyer stops Bondita from entering men’s washroom and taunts her for fighting a case.

Subodh tells Anirudh to block Bondita’s way as a woman should not do men’s job. She should stay at home. Anirudh says men like Subodh will never understand women empowerment. Bondita takes a stick and breaks the men tag. She says now the difference is gone, it’s not men’s washroom anymore. They should not have any problem now.

Episode ends

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