Barrister Babu 26th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Spoilers

Barrister Babu 26th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Spoilers on

Today’s episode starts with Anirudh looking for Mini. He than looks for his book. Mini asks what he is doing here. The duos talks with each other. Mini serves the tea to Anirudh and Anirudh gets impressed with him. But later gets angry at her for serving the expired biscuits. He says he don’t compromise on health and hygiene. Mini gets upset. Anirudh holds her hand and asks her not to get upset as he will ask his friend to bring new biscuits for her. Mini gets smitten hearing Anirudh. She further gets happy.

Mini shares with her dida about Bondita. She tells her that she wets the bed at night.  Here, Bondita prays to God and says Mini is good. There, Mini thinks after learning Bodnita wets the bed at the night, Anirudh will throw her out.

At night, Saurabh tries to gain Sampoorna’s attention but she ignores. Saurabh yells at Sampoorna and leave the news. Sampoorna recalls Madhu’s word and gets teary.

In the morning, Bondita wakes up at sees the wet bed. She thinks to run out from the house to go at the river side to take a bath. She sees bihari standing at the backyard and gets sad thinking now what she will do and how she will clean herself.

Other side, Anirudh discusses with Saurabh and decides to make a public toilet for womens. There, Bondita waits for Mini and thinks Mini says she will help her. Mini seeks into Bondita’s room and sees the wet bed. She thinks to expose Bondita in front of Roy’s.

Meanwhile, Anirudh says to Trilochan and Binoy that he wants to make toilet for women’s. Binoy taunts Anirudh for making toilets. Anirudh says that from London he is here to bring the change in the world and says he will make toilet.

Here, Mini goes to Batuk and accuses that he wets the bed at the night and thrown his blanket. Batuk says he is not a kid. Mini says he is only the kid in the house and he will get the punishment. Batuk gets scared. Mini smirks. Episode ends with Bondita waiting for Mini.

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