Barrister Babu 30th September 2021 Written Update: Bondita takes Bihari’s help to convince Thakuma


Barrister Babu 30th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Thakuma telling Tapur to bring out two bangles from box. Tapur doesn’t find it. Thakuma sees footsteps and follows it. Bihari hides bangles in a box in store room and Thakuma tells him to show what’s inside the box. Thakuma is about to slap him for theft but Bondita stops her.

Bondita tells Bihari to leave. Thakuma says she caught him red handed, he will get punished for his deed. She won’t spare him. Bondita says their reputation will be ruined so they should put him behind bars. Thakuma says why it will happen. Its Bihari’s fault. Bondita says then Chandrachur did crime too and even worse than theft. Why Thakuma doesn’t want to reveal the truth. It’s Chandrachur’s fault not Tapur’s.

Thakuma says means Bondita fooled them. She adds she can’t let people make fun of Tapur’s character. She won’t make the revelation. But she made arrangements already to help Anirudh escape from jail. Bondita gets surprised. She objects saying Anirudh is innocent and he can’t run away like a coward. She will prove his innocence and will get him released from jail. Bondita says Tapur won’t be able to live her life fearlessly. She can’t stay happy with any man after marriage.

Bondita says for this reason they have to support the truth. If they train women to handle household chores and why can’t they protect themselves. Why will they always take the responsibility to save their family respect. Thakuma says a woman’s respect should be protected. Bondita says Tapur did the same but still she got molested. If things go on like this Tapur will again get suicidal thoughts.

Thakuma still refuses. Bondita says if society doesn’t get to know what Tapur said in the court then can she confess. Tapur gets ready and says she will then expose Chandrachur as she hates him and wants to save Anirudh. She is really guilty. Bondita assures Thakuma she will not break her promise.

Bondita thanks Bihari for the help. Bihari says she is doing so much for Anirudh so he can help her. Bondita gives the news to Anirudh that Tapur agreed to tell the truth and he pats her back to praise her. He says bravo to her. Bondita says lots of surprises are waiting for him. Anirudh says he has full faith on Bondita. He tells Bondita to go to court. Bondita teases him saying she is his newly wed wife how can he send her away. Anirudh says she is not his new love but their love is old. And if love gets older it gets stronger.

Anirudh and Bondita leave for court and Subodh taunts them saying this beautiful couple will get separated for sure as Bondita is not ready to find proofs and is interested in impressing Anirudh by getting ready. She will get zero marks in Barristery but will get full marks in being wife. Anirudh says Bondita not just only makes food for him but protects him like a shield. She is the best wife and when she wears Barrister robe she becomes ferocious. She will make Subodh lose and will prove him wrong. Subodh laughs at him and says Bondita will lose not him. Bondita and Anirudh hold each other’s hands and say they will win.

Episode ends

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