Barrister Babu Upcoming Story : Anirudh decides to hide truth from Sumati

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Today’s episode starts with Anirudh asking Bondita what happened to her. Bondita says she is feeling someone’s presence in the room. She says she can feel her mother around. Anirudh tries to divert her but Bondita says she can smell her mother around and asks Sumati to come in front of her. Sumati cries and comes in front of Bondita. She was about to step inside Bondita’s room but Bondita stops her and asks her to stand at the door as she wants to first get confirmed that she is here. She further says to Anirudh that she told him that Goddess Durga will sent angel for her. Anirudh says yes and asks Bondita to share a talk with her mother.

There, Trilochan gets happy that finally his work will be done. Here, Bondita shows Roy’s palace to Sumati. Sumati gets emotional seeing Bondita’s house. Further, Bondita tells Sumati that she tries to connect to her through phone and if her voice reaches to her? Sumati stands quiet. Later, Anirudh decides not to let Sumati knows that he is trying to take Bondita to the doctor.

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Meanwhile, Sampoorna cries and Saurabh asks her the reason. Sampoorna tells her that Munshi is sending her back home because her family can’t fufill dowry demand. Saurabh tells her that he will talk to his Parents.

Other side, Bondita tells to Sumati how her truth of wetting bed came out and Anirudh is supporting her. Mini comes and Bondita praises her in front of Sumati. Mini shows her good shade in front of Sumati. Sumati blesses Mini and Bondita stands happy. (Episode Ends).