Barrister Babu Upcoming Story: Bondita to make Batuk unconscious?

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Colors TV show Barrister Babu shows the return of Anirudh’s look alike brother Batuk. Batuk’s hatred for Bondita’s will grow up and to even more when he looses his brother for her. Batuk planned to act like Anirudh till Bondita gives birth to her child. Bondita has started to grow suspicious of Batuk’s strange behavior. Batuk plans to separate Bondita from her sisters because he got separated from his brothers.

In previous episodes Bondita learned Batuk’s truth and she confronted him. She lashed out at him for his cheap act. Batuk also showed hatred towards her saying she killed Anirudh and he will avenge her by throwing her out of the house. Bondita said she believes Anirudh is alive and there Anirudh was seen trying to remember his address and he missed Bondita too. He is slowly recovering. Bondita decided to find him.

In future episodes, Bondita will decide to leave the house by making Batuk unconscious. Batuk will threaten her to snatch everything from her if she doesn’t listen to him and give the child to him. Bondita will take help from Bihari and will try to escape with Sampurna’s help but Trilochan will stop her. She will question him why he betrayed her, Trilochan will justify his action and will tell her to promise that she won’t leave with Anirudh’s child.

Will Bondita promise Trilochan ?

Will Batuk get exposed?

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