Barrister Babu Upcoming Story : Trilochan forbids Anirudh to bring Heera Mandi’s girls at home

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist
Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist

Barrister Babu Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip, News, Twist On

The episode starts with Bondita and Trilochan making laddu and Bhatuk drooling looking at them but Bondita teases him saying that he must be drooling but he cannot eat them because they are prasad for pooja. Trilochan agrees that first they have to do Ganesh’s pooja. Bhatuk asks why Ganesh’s pooja is done every time. Trilochan explains that Ganesh is the “mangal murti”. Bhatuk says that he will eat all the laddus after Pooja but Bondita says she will. Bhatuk asks Trilochan to tell who will eat the laddus.

Trilochan says that the one who will make round around whole world first will get them. Bhatuk and Bondita say that it’s impossible. Trilochan explains how Ganesh and Kartikey were arguing to have the fruit that divinities had given to Parvati after which Shiv said that the one who will make three rounds around the world first will get the fruit and Kartikey rushed to do that but Ganesh stayed on his spot and made round around Shiv and Parvati since his parents are his world. Trilochan asks if they understood. Bondita says that she understood.
Bondita sees Anirudh and runs to him making rounds around him. When Anirudh asks her what she is doing, Bondita replies that he is her world because he has always protected her and also today he supported her in front of villagers like only her mother had done.

Binoy is feeling guilty and doesn’t want to join Diwali celebration because he thinks that happiness will reduce if he will come. Trilochan makes him understand that nothing like that can happen in family. Trilochan leaves Binoy alone. Bondita comes to Binoy and says that her mother says that no matter how much one is angry, anger shouldn’t be thrown on pooja. She knows he is angry on Anirudh but he shouldn’t avoid pooja when Trilochan wants him to join. She also gives her and Sampoorna’s example since even when they are angry with each other, they don’t keep pout and eat rasgulla together. Binoy walks away. Bondita thinks he got more upset because of her.

Anirudh asks why they are waiting for Binoy to start pooja. Just then Binoy and Bondita come. Bondita sits with Anirudh. Binoy says that he has come for Trilochan only and nothing else. Bondita asks Trilochan if now they shall start the pooja since family is complete. Trilochan says yes. Anirudh and Bondita do aarti. Then Anirudh gives aarti to everyone, including Binoy. He takes elders’ blessings too. Trilochan says that today their house is filled with happiness after their Lakshmi has done Lakshmi pooja after so many days. Trilochan asks Bondita what she wants. Anirudh says that Bondita wants to meet Sampoorna. Bondita agrees. Anirudh says that he is alive today because of Saurabh and asks Trilochan to let Bondita meet Sampoorna. Trilochan recalls slapping Saurabh and then walks away.

Anirudh is about to tell Bondita not to worry when Trilochan shouts asking Bondita to come. Bondita rushes to her. Sampoorna and Saurabh are there. Trilochan says that he knew she would ask this only so he called them there already. Bondita rushes to hug Sampoorna. The latter thanks her and says that she is the best sister of the world. Bondita says that she is her sister and shouldn’t say thanks. Saurabh thanks Trilochan who says that he isn’t stonehearted not to forgive such a small mistake after he saved Anirudh’s life.

Bondita asks Anirudh if she can meet Suraya, Ramaya and other friends of Heera Mandi. Anirudh says that he will bring them home but Trilochan forbids him. Anirudh stays calm and says that he has learnt to keep patience and is sure that Trilochan will change his traditions himself. Trilochan is sure that his traditions might be ages old but will continue for ages though. He walks away.
Bondita asks Anirudh if she won’t ever be able to meet her friends then. Anirudh says that they can go to their place. Bondita gets excited and says that Sampoorna and Saurabh will come with them too but Sampoorna says that they can’t go because they have to go to get blessings from elders. She takes Saurabh with her. Anirudh tells Bondita that they shall go.
Episode ends

Precap: Bondita asks Anirudh her Diwali gift. Anirudh asks her to go to get it herself as it’s placed near Durga Maa. Bondita finds her blackboard and gets happy. Binoy tells Bondita that her studies don’t matter because she is a girl.