Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 5th December 2023 Written Update: Aradhana’s action to save Jai annoys Reyansh


Barsatein- Mausam Pyaar Ka 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with an inspector accusing Jai of cheating on a woman, which also shows the lady’s allegation to everyone. Akash argues with the inspector, but Jai agrees to go with the latter. Reyansh sees Aradhana is defending Jai to the inspector. Jai assures Aradhana that their marriage will take place and then leaves with the officer.

Aradhana hears Reyansh’s voice, so she confronts Reyansh for troubling her. She also gives an open challenge to Reyansh to stop her wedding with Jai. Meanwhile, Akash, Malini, and Bhakti try to use their influence to release Jai from the jail. Neeta blames Aradhana for Jai’s arrest, but Akash advises her to calm down and then leaves with Varun to the police station. Neeta accuses Aradhana, which worries both Malini and Bhakti. Aradhana tells both her mothers that she is going to the station to save Jai. She then notices the door is locked and realises it’s Reyansh who is doing all this. She decides to jump off of the locked door, but Reyansh arrives there and unlocks the door after frustrating her a lot. Aradhana leaves for the police station.

Here, Neeta is on call with Varun, who gives her every update about Jai, and also Akash’s struggles to bail out Jai. Akash threatens the inspector. Neeta gets more worried about Jai and blames both Reyansh and Aradhana. Malini pleads with Neeta to calm down, and everything will be alright.

Aradhana reaches the police station. She demands with the inspector to release Jai immediately, but the inspector refuses. She argues with the inspector and also accuses Reyansh of everything that’s happening. Reyansh smirks and mocks Aradhana for her inability to convince the inspector to release Jai. Jai loses his calm, so he tries to strangle Reyansh. He also tells Reyansh that his action will make Aradhana hate him more, and he won’t able to get Aradhana’s forgiveness. Reyansh tells Jai that he doesn’t deserve Aradhana’s forgiveness, but Aradhana will love him only. Inspector learns Reyansh, Aradhana, and Jai’s triangle love story. Aradhana creates a scene and gets herself arrested by the cops after the inspector advises her to choose Reyansh over Jai. Reyansh gets upset by Aradhana’s actions. Aradhana smirks at Reyansh and then goes inside the police station with the cops. Reyansh argues with the inspector for arresting Jai.

Jai questions Aradhana for her actions. Aradhana says that she can’t let Reyansh win, so she decides to go to any extreme. Reyansh tries to get himself arrested by arguing with the Inspector, but the latter scolds and sends him out. Everyone learns through Varun about Aradhana’s arrest and gets shocked. Akash shares his disappointment towards Aradhana, but Aradhana defends her act and asks Akash to leave home. Akash agrees.

Later, a lady constable questions Aradhana for her actions, and the latter shares everything about Reyansh with her and asks what she should do. The constable asks her to marry Jai and put an end to all this. Aradhana seeks the constables help to get married. Though the latter fears but agrees to help her.

Reyansh is seen outside the station. He understands Aradhana’s plan to get married to Jai inside the prison after meeting the priest. He gets upset and tries to get inside but fails. The priest starts the wedding rituals. Aradhana urges him to do it fast, hearing the commotion Reyansh creates outside the station, but the priest refuses and tells her the importance of marriage. Jai announces that he don’t want to marry Aradhana in this manner but gets emotional when Aradhana tells him that she don’t want Reyansh to spoil their marriage.

Precap: Reyansh gets arrested by Aradhana. Jai and Aradhana’s haldi ceremony begins. Kiki tries to change Jai’s decision but fails. Neeta learns about Reyansh’s bail and gets hopeful. During the haldi ceremony, the power goes off, confusing everyone.