Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 8th December 2023 Written Update Neeta questions Aradhana-Malini’s relationship


Barsatein-Mausam Pyaar Ka 8th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the groom arriving at the venue. Jakruti points at him where Aradhana is. Reyansh from under the sehra smiles at Aradhana and thinks in his mind soon Aradhana is going to become his. Bhakti looks at Aradhana and thinks in her mind that her daughter won’t cry hereafter ever. Everyone dances around happily. Kiki goes near the groom, and it’s revealed that Reyansh is behind the sehra. They both recall whatever happened because of their plan and signs at each other.

Neeta makes some crude remarks against the wedding venue. She then reminds Bhakti about the aarti they have to perform to welcome the groom in a taunting way. Bhakti obliges. She asks Jai (Reyansh) to remove his sehra, which tenses both Reyansh and Kiki. Kiki suggests performing the aarti without opening the groom’s sehra, but no one agrees to her suggestion. Varun tries to open the sehra, but Reyansh stops it, which shocks everyone.

The priest informs both Jai-Aradhana’s family about the time being inauspicious so they shouldn’t open the sehra. A FB shows in which Reyansh convincing the priest to lie to the family members. Reyansh worries that priest isn’t capable enough to convince them due to his poor acting skills, but the family members get convinced and agree to perform the aarti before seeing the groom’s face.

Neeta asks Jai (Reyansh) not to marry Aradhana by reminding them about the priest words. Reyansh, in his mind, asks Neeta not to worry about it because Jai isn’t marrying Aradhana. Neeta gets upset seeing Aradhana’s name in Reyansh’s hand, so she expresses her disappointment towards him, thinking it’s Jai. Varun and Akash calms her down.

Aradhana and Reyansh take the place in the mandap. The wedding rituals start. Aradhana gets disturbed by the thought of Reyansh’s plea to her and Bhakti. She prays God to give her strength to forget Reyansh. Everyone looks happy except Neeta. Both Varun and Akash encourage Neeta to accept Aradhana for Jai’s sake. Neeta gets upset.

Aradhana and Reyansh hold their hand as per the priest’s instructions. Aradhana senses Reyansh’s presence but convinces herself she is hallucinating. She gets upset with herself for struggling to accept Jai as her life partner until now. She then looks at her family members, who are all smiles, so she says to herself that her love with Reyansh gave them pain, but Jai’s presence in her life gave them happiness, so she would marry Jai

The priest calls out Aradhana’s parents to do gadhbandhan. Both Bhakti and Aradhana insist Malini to perform the ritual, so Aradhana faces Neeta’s question. Aradhana convinces Neeta with her answers. After that, the priest instructs the groom and bride to take pheras. During phera, Aradhana stumbles, so Neeta taunts her. Aradhana grows suspicious of the groom, so she removes the sehra. Everyone gets shocked seeing Reyansh is the groom. Aradhana accuses Reyansh of planning to cheat her, but Reyansh defends his actions. The Khuranna’s questions Reyansh also Aradhana asked Reyansh about Jai’s whereabouts. Reyansh informs everyone that Kiki will bring Jai here. Malini gets worried. Meanwhile, Kiki meets Jai, who is tied up in a chair. She tells him that he will see her craziness and then takes a pistol in her hand. Jai looks on.

Precap: Jai refuses to love Kiki so the latter gets mad at him. Varun informs Neeta about Jai getting shot, which shocks everyone, including Reyansh.