Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Update: Parilok and Jahannum in turmoil.

Bekaboo 18th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the roar of a Rakshas scaring some women in the woods. Women scream and run away in terror.
Next morning people are being seen talking about the incident last night. A young man tells Kaka an old man that last night there was an animal attack. The elderly man explains to a boy that it wasn’t an animal it was a Rakshas. When the young man refused to believe him, Kaka started telling him a story about the past. He explained that there are 7loks in the universe.

Three loks above and three loks below the Earth namely the Swarglok, parilok, Jahannum etc. People who do good go to heaven and those deother bad go to hell. He explains about the 7 loks in detail. The lowest lok is known as Jahannum where the Rakshas stay who are immensely powerful and are cursed by the Devtas. Kaka also says that all Rakshas are not bad. There was a Rakshas named Balka who knew the difference between good and bad. He was a devotee of Lord Shiva and tried to praise him since he wanted the ‘Asiastra’. If he got it all the demons would be able to enter the Earth anytime. So he tried to please Shiva.

On the other side, a Rakshas is seen talking to a girl who is terribly scared by his jestures. Here another Rakshas arrives who wanted to defend the girl from the bad Rakshas. They turn out to be Rakshas Balka’s sons. Balka had 3 sons and a daughter.They are seen fighting among themselves for going against their father Balka who was a good man. Two of his sons Pratham and Ashwath seemed to be very close to each other.

Balka’s daughter is evil and she didn’t want his father to achieve the Asiastra. In the next scene, Parilok appears all light up and decorated where pretty women are seen dancing to praise the queen of the Parilok. Suddenly, two girls arrive and inform Pari that Balka is about to achieve the Asiastra. If that happens then they would erase all the other loks. She says that her daughter Rajpari Devlekha would go to the Rakshasas. She believed that light is needed to end darkness and only her daughter Devlekha was capable of doing this.

She orders Devlekha to go to the Earth to wake up Balka from his meditation and stop him from attaining the Asiastra and defend the Earth.In the next scene, the two Rakshas brothers are seen enjoying a fair with their sister, when Rajkumari Devlekha arrives. Devlekha suddenly trips from the vehicle and Ashwas saves her. At the same time, the other siblings of the Rakshas are seen talking among each other.

Pari knew that she could make any Rakshas fall in love with her but she didn’t know that even she could fall in love. Over time, Ashwath fell in love with Pari and confessed to her. But Pari is seen confused. Pratham also falls in love with Pari but fails to confess it to her. Ashwath’s sister got to know that Devlekha is a Pari and the daughter of Parilok. She informs Pratham the eldest son of Balka about Pari and on the other hand brainwashes Ashwath that Pratham is in love with Pari and he was going to confess it to her. Her motive was to make the two brothers quarrel among themselves so that Balka wakes up.

Rajpari and Pratham are seen talking to each other. Pratham tortures Rajpari and asks her about her motive. Ashwath arrives there. Devlekha recalled her mother’s teachings and informs Ashwath that Pratham enforced himself on Devlekha. The two brothers brutally fight with each other that in turn wakes up Balka from his meditation. He was utterly disgusted on both of his brothers.

Pratham vows to destroy Parilok.Rajpari Devlekha returns to Parilok and gets married. She confesses to his husband about her deeds on Earth and that she broke their heart. Her husband consoles her but she was hallucinating and saw Pratham in her husband’s place. Gradually she gets to know that Pratham married to her in disguise. They fight with each other. Pari cursed her and stabbed her with a knife in his stomach. Pratham falls deep down below the Earth.
The episode ends.

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