Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist
Bepanah Pyaar Upcoming Story, Latest Gossips, News and Twist

Bepanah Pyaar 20th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Ragbir becoming attack once more and acts violent. Pragati rushes him to hospital and naturopathic physician to rescue Ragbir only for it to be Sahas. She recalls the wicked side of Sahas. Sahas asks what happened. Pragati says that Ragbir isn’t well and says there is bo doctor available. Sahas asks her to get in.

Pragati is calling out for Ragbir. Sahas recalls Kunti’s words about Pragati discovering his truth. He says her that he will solve everything shortly. He behaves checking him and says he’s crucial. Pragati begs him to save him at any price. Pragati hears hiding about Sahas keeping all of the physicians away from Ragbir so as to give him the injection to kill him. She believes that she shouldn’t let Sahas anyplace nearby Ragbir.

Sahas comes there and Pragati watches shocked. He’s going to inject when Pragati stops him. She asks him not to do anything to Ragbir. He asks why is she saying so.

Pragati blurts out that she understands his truth. Sahas reveals her the footage of Pragati sneaking into his home. She blames him for cheating her in the name of friendship. Sahas claims the times he was mad about her.

Pragati felt disgusted at him. Ragbir finds it hard to breathe and Pragati begs him to save Ragbir. Sahas asks her to apologize for ignoring him all this while also damaging him. Pragati apologizes seeing Ragbir’s condition.

Then he asks her to say I love you. Pragati stands shocked while Sahas threatens her to kill Ragbir. He says he can both save or kill him and it lies in her hand.

Pragati watches shocked. She begs him to save Ragbir and says that she will do anything in return. Sahas asks her to marry him shocking Pragati. He asks her to marry him and leave with him far away from Ragbir and nothing will happen to Ragbir. She bursts out crying while Sahas asks her to take decision soon.

She moves out while Sahas smirks in Ragbir’s condition. She prays facing God’s idol and cries to save Ragbir. She then gets in with a determined face.