Beyhadh 2 28th February 2020 : Maya changes the cover of her book

Beyhadh 2 28th February 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

The episode begins with Maya cutting fruits. She looks at a slave cutting vegetables and then in the ring she’s wearing. MJ comes and sits next to her . He states that Rudra has made her wear the ring that he gave to her and this is Rudra’s love and his success so whenever she’ll see the ring she will feel like MJ is touching her. He adds that Rudra’s love will not let her remove the ring and his hatred will not let her wear it. He states that she can not forget her past. Maya says that she’d have been in front of him when she wished to forget the past. She grabs a knife and stabs her own finger. Blood drops onMj’s face. He wipes it off and says that individuals need to learn how to hurt themselves in love by her but says that she can’t hate.

Maya smirks and calls Rudra yelling for pain. Rudra instantly comes and asks her how she got the cut finger that’s bleeding so much. She states that she had been cutting fruits for MJ and cut her finger. Rudra takes her to their room.

Rudra prohibits Maya from cutting fruit today onwards. She says that she is not feeling pain since he’s applying medicine on the wound. Rudra asks her to quit flirting and also to remove the ring but she refuses saying it is the indication of his love.

Rajiv and Aditya come and Aditya asks what happened. Rudra informs him that Maya has been cutting fruit and cut her own finger and today she’s not even taking away the ring. She answers that she won’t eliminate that because it is a sign of love and promise she made to him. Rudra says it is fine then. He leaves.

Aditya tells Maya that she believes she is not fine because nobody does this in love. He states that she must be feeling pain but she is not removing the ring simply because of her love for Rudra. Maya says she is not fine, she does not know any limitation of love and hatred so Aditya wants to not be targeted by her hatred.

He’s about to leave when he sees Rudra and Rishi’s picture. He states that Rishi should have gotten someone like her too but he got Mayra who was totally a psycho. He tells Maya that Rishi had told him that after he held her hand and she threw coffee on it. Maya recalls that episode. Aditya leaves. Maya glares at him from behind.

Antara is going to take drugs but MJ stops her and snatches them out of her hands. He recalls when she called him disgusting. He takes all of the tablets and puts them in Antara’s mouth. He keeps a hand on her mouth and says that she needs to die once for all. He adds that if he can betray Diya then she’s nothing.

Nandini comes and asks what he’s doing. MJ pretends that Antara was taking medication and he was quitting her. He says that he asked her to consider Rudra and cease but in vain. Nandini asks her why she’s doing this since there’s a good deal of happiness in her life. MJ says he tried making her know that but she does not get it. He leaves. Nandini makes Antara sit bed and brings water for her.

Maya asks Rajiv to watch on Aditya and asks him every little detail . Rajiv is on notebook photoshopping his pictures with his ones and states he will do that.

Maya cuts the telephone and walks ahead but only then MJ pulls her in a corner. She pushes him off. He states that he was only checking how her hands is. He suggests him to throw items that start annoying like he’d done with her. Maya asks him to stop worrying about her but fear about himself because she’s already ruined one of his player but will keep him for the past now. MJ laughs evilly stating that today it is going to be fun to play with her.

On the other hand Antara is preparing to go to the gym. Someone enters in the area but she is not conscious of that and leaves. The man or woman is Nandini who takes out Antara’s medication from drawer believing that she’s to take action for Maya’s happiness.

Rudra comes to Maya and MJ and takes Maya into the office. Before departing, Maya asks MJ to bless her so she gets successful at whatever she does because she’s going to office for the first time after marriage. She asks him to shake hands because he does not like anyone touching his feet. MJ shakes her hand remembering how she was scared before. Maya says that she’ll win because Rudra is on her side. Rudra says that today MJ won’t know what she says too. Maya says he knows everything and then leaves Rudra. MJ says nicely played.

Rudra and Maya come in the workplace. Ananya looks at them. Rudra gives his seat to Maya. She thanks him. Ananya asks Maya that she liked black colour so why she’s wearing white now. Maya says that Rudra attracted colors in her life.

Ananya reveals the cover of Maya’s publication but Maya asks them to stop the printing because her soul is in the book and her soul is brilliant. Ananya states that she and Rudra need to take the decision. Rudra claims they can’t take decision before author’s approval. Ananya asks if it’s a writer’s decision or a spouse’s. Maya says that a spouse would have agreed with her husband.

She gets up and colors the dress of the girl on the cover of this book and corrects Maya Jaisingh with”Maya Rudra Roy” stating that Maya is incomplete without Rudra.

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