Bigg Boss 15 14th January 2022 Written Update: Pratik Sehajpal wins against Tejasswi Prakash


Bigg Boss 15 14th January 2022 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Shamita asking Karan to understand what she is saying. She says only one part at a time will come out from the shop. Shamita asks Karan not to find loop hole. Karan argues with Shamita. There, Tejasswi tries to block Pratik’s way to reach her cycle. Buzzer ring; Rakhi give seat to Pratik. Karan, Nishant and Rashami claim they too reach the shop on time. Shamita gives her verdict in Rakhi and Pratik’s favour. Tejasswi calls Shamita liar. Karan argues with Shamita and tries to prove that he was inside the shop too. Shamita says for today’s task the part that will come out will win. Tejasswi and Karan call Shamita a flipper.

Devoleena side Shamita. Tejasswi gets irked with Devoleena. She asks Shamita to be fair in the game. Karan, Rashami and Tejasswi argues with Shamita for her unfair decision.

Pratik asks Tejasswi not to take sympathy. Karan side Tejasswi. He decide to throw parts from the shop next. Karan asks Tejasswi to catch it. Shamita asks Karan not to break the rule. She argues with Tejasswi and Karan and says they have manifest already that she is biased.

Rakhi tries to break Tejasswi’s cycle. Karan asks Shamita to stop her. Rakhi back-off.

3:30 PM, Day 104| Bigg Boss announce about last round. Karan manage to give stand to Tejasswi. Pratik tries to break Tejasswi’s cycle. Tejasswi fight back Pratik. Rashami asks Tejasswi to fight. Nishant and Karan asks Pratik and Tejasswi to be careful. Pratik claim Tejasswi is hitting him with the tool.

Karan and Rasahmi says Pratik and Tejasswi is playing good.

Tejasswi claim Pratik is pouncing on her. Pratik calls Tejasswi idiot as latter accused her. Pratik manage to lose Tejasswi’s cycle wheel. Buzzer ring; Bigg Boss asks Shamita to announce the winner amid Pratik and Tejasswi. Tejasswi hugs Karan and cries.

Shamita examine Pratik and Tejasswi’s cycle. She verdict in Pratik’s favour. Bigg Boss upgrade Pratik as the VIP member. Pratik thanks Nishant, Rakhi, Devoleena and Shamita for supporting him. Karan says to Tejasswi that he is impressed with him.

Later, Pratik cries because of Tejasswi’s hurtful words towards him.

5:45PM; Bigg Boss alerts using English language in the house. He says Tejasswi, Devoleena and Rashami uses the English language along with her. BB asks Shamita to tell who uses the most. Shamita took Devoleena’s name.

Bigg Boss asks inmates to gather in the living room. He announce Shamita choose Devoleena and now she will not utter a word until next announcement. Bigg Boss asks Devoleena to use marker and board.

Shamita reveal to Tejasswi that she didn’t took her name.

5:30 PM; Rashami asks Abhijit why he didn’t talk with him despite claiming he will play along. Abhijit says he didn’t want Nishant. Rashami call Abhijit flipper. Abhijit reveal to Rashami that Nishant only wanted Pratik to be in. Rashami confront Nishant about the same. She gets angry on Nishant for not taking a stand for himself. Abhijit says Nishant himself didn’t wanted to fight.

Afterwards, Pratik says to Tejasswi that her statement on his wound was hurtful. He says she quoted because of his ‘karma’ he got hurt. Tejasswi defend herself. Pratik call Tejasswi insensitive.

10:30 PM; Rakhi complement Shamita’s beauty. She adds Karan like her but Tejasswi is a hurdle. Shamita asks Rakhi not to pass such statement else Tejasswi will get offended.

10:45PM; Rakhi tell to Karan that Shamita will never drop him out in any task. Tejasswi laughs. Rakhi claim Shamita blushes if Karan sees her once. Tejasswi says Karan address her ‘didi’.

11:30PM; Tejasswi and Karan share a talk with each other. She ask Karan he should stop blushing when Shamita’s name is linked with him rather he should argue. Verbal argument happen between Tejasswi and Karan. Karan asks Tejasswi not to instruct how to react on anything. He asks Tejasswi to back-off if she wants and don’t trust him.

12:30 AM; Karan confront Rakhi why she questioned his relationship with Tejasswi. Rakhi says to Karan and Tejasswi that she was joking.

Here, Rakhi tell to Rashami, Shamita about Tejasswi getting offended post she link Karan’s name with Shamita.

Day 105 at 8 AM; wake up song plays for inmates.

10:30 AM; Karan asks Rakhi why she is teasing him. Shamita and Rakhi pulls Karan’s leg. Karan laughs. Shamita claim Tejasswi hurt at the personal level. Karan tries to defend Tejasswi. Rakhi asks him not to.

10:45 AM; Tejasswi asks Karan why he don’t talk with Shamita in front of her. Karan tells to Tejasswi about his talk with Shamita.. Tejasswi decide to step back and asks Karan to befriend Shamita.

11:45AM; Shamita come. Rakhi asks Karan how Shamita is looking. Karan, Tejasswi and Rakhi laughs together.

1:45PM; Tejasswi read knor task. Nishant, Tejasswi and Shamita turns the judge. Devoleena, Pratik and Rakhi teams up. Abhijit, Karan and Rashami group together for the task.

Nishant, Tejasswi and Shamita declare Abhijit, Karan and Rashami winner.

Afterwards, Nishant asks Abhijit to wash the utensils.  Abhijit says he will not wash personal utensils. Pratik side Abhijit. Karan and Pratik argues with each other. Tejasswi decide to wash the utensil. Shamita decide to replace Abhijit’s dinner duty.

1:45AM; Nishant says to Pratik that Shamita is a changed person now. [Episode Ends]

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