Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th November 2022 Written Update: Indu’s smart move


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th November 2022 Written Update On

In today’s episode, Dolly praises Indu’s love for Zoon. Indu calls Zoon Dolly’s daughter hereafter. They share an emotional hug. Sameer comes there and thinks that he has caught Indu red handed. He questions her for not following the Court’s order. Kamna supports him. They remind Indu about the Court’s order again. Indu asks them to not make noise as Zoon, Sameer’s daughter is sleeping. Sameer says that Zoon is Kadambari’s daughter only. Indu asks about Kadambari’s whereabouts and criticizes her. Kamna defends Kadambari.

Indu calls Sameer money minded for prioritising money over relations. Sameer accepts and says that money runs the whole world. He mocks Indu’s love for Zoon. Dolly takes a stand of Indu and says that Indu’s love will help her to get Zoon back very soon. Dolly informs Sameer and Kamna that Indu didn’t enter inside Zoon’s room it was she who told story to her and made her sleep. She leaves with Indu. Vivek enquires about Zoon and Indu from Ritesh. They see that Meghna is checking the file. They hope to get some clue to stop Kadambari. Meghna tells them about the mention of Nima Bakshi and her daughter in the will.

Sameer learns that Nima Bakshi or her daughter can’t claim their rights in the property and feels that Kadambari has some deep connection with the person. They get adress of Nima Bakshi and plans to find her. Later, Ritesh and Indu hope to find Nima Bakshi. Ritesh says that he is very tired. Indu says that she will sleep in a separate place. Ritesh blames tv serials and asks Indu to sleep on bed by putting pillows in between. Indu says that she is middle class unlike Ritesh so she won’t have sleep on that bed. Ritesh himself wishes to sleep on sofa. Indu asks him to not as he may get joint pain. Ritesh doesn’t listen. They have a cute fight.

Indu falls on Ritesh. They share an eyelock. Ritesh sleeps on the sofa. Next morning Ritesh feels pain in neck. Indu scolds him for not listening to him. She applies to balm on his neck and goes to check Zoon as she has school. Sameer arranges photoshoot from him and Zoon. Indu, Dolly see it. Indu questions Sameer. Sameer asks her to not interfere in their matter. Indu says that she will complain about Sameer and Kadambari in the court. Sameer doesn’t care and leaves. Anjali arrives there with Rajender’s kofta that he made for Zoon. Indu gets a solution. She tells Anjali that this dish is Zoon’s favourite, if she packs the kofta in tiffin Zoon will definitely go to school.

Indu tells Dolly about the tiffin so that Zoon can hear it. She leaves the photoshoot and tells Sameer about going to school. Sameer agrees halfheartedly and asks Nanny to get her ready. Zoon says that Anjali will make her ready for school. Sameer gets convinced at the end. Sunita and Anjali discuss about Indu’s pain and struggle. She and Anjali feel helpless. Sunita asks Anjali to go to Indu’s house to take care of Zoon. Anjali gets convinced for the sake of Zoon. At office, Ritesh gets mad. Vivek calls him and gives him information about Nima Bakshi. Indu gets panik attack in sleep thinking about Zoon. Ritesh sees that Indu has fever and asks her to take rest. Ritesh thinks that he has to tell the truth to her. The episode ends.

Precap – Ritesh tells Indu that Nima Bakshi was the second wife of Kadambari’s dad who is no more. Indu loses hopes. Ritesh says that her daughter is found and calls someone inside.

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