Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th August 2022 Written Update: Kaamna taunts Indu


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ritesh sits beside his mother in the house. The doctor tells Shakuntala is now stable. Ritesh thanks him for his help. The doctor leaves the room. Ritesh asks the caretaker to bring a blanket from his room because Shakuntala may feel cold at night time. Kaamna tells she will take blanket with her. Ritesh refuses to let Kaamna take the blanket and asks the caretaker to do what he asked her to because it’s part of her job. Shanti obliges and leaves the place. Ritesh’s behavior shocks everyone. They all remains silent.

Later Kaamna thinks to herself that she hope Zoon didn’t say anything to anyone. She then sees Indu is getting down from an auto rickshaw. She thinks Zoon might have told everything to Indu and that’s the reason Indu is here to tell the truth to Ritesh so she has to stop Indu from meeting Ritesh and goes out of the house. Both Kaamna and Indu meets one another in a midway. Kaamna asks her what is she doing here. Indu asks Kaamna what she told to her daughter because of which now her health is detoriating. Kaamna gets relived thinking that Zoon didn’t tell anything to Indu so she starts insulting Indu.

Indu warns Kaamna to not to cross her limits. She then asks Kaamna to tell what she did to Zoon because doctor advised to learn the truth it will help them recover Zoon. Kaamna tells she wont tell her anything and asks her to do what she wants though. Indu tells that she wont spare her if anything happens to her daughter also she won’t leave the place until unless she learns the truth and a mother can go to any extend for their child. Kaamna threatens to file a case on Indu for invading their privacy and asks her to leave but the latter remains silent. Kaamna calls the security to throw her out when her efforts to throw Indu out fails.

Ritesh hears Kaamna’s voice and wonders who she wanted to throw at this time and decides to go and check who is outside. Indu pleads with Kaamna to help her recover her daughter. Kaamna refuses and mocks at her for threatening her earlier. Security comes the same time Ritesh also comes out of the house. Kaamna signs them to go away and they obliges and leaves. Ritesh gets confused seeing Indu and asks what is she doing here. Kaamna acts and tells Ritesh that she did told Indu to not to bother them because Shakuntala is returned from hospital but she isn’t listening.

Ritesh tells Indu that he isn’t interested to talk to her and decides to go inside but stops when Indu tells even she has no interest but her daughter came here to give him prasad dont know what happened after that she is now having high fever and her health is worsening so she wants to know what happened. Ritesh asks Kaamna why she didn’t tell him about Zoon visited him. Kaamna lies that she worried about Shakuntala that’s the reason she totally forget about it. Ritesh tells her he should know who comes to meet him here. He then asks Indu how is Zoon now. Indu tells there is no improvement in Zoon’s health. She also adds that Zoon keeps repeating that she won’t tell anyone anything so she wants to know what happened.

Ritesh looks at Kaamna and the latter asks Indu how could she blame her for Zoon’s health condition because they did nothing to her. Ritesh decides to go with Indu which worries Kaamna Kaamna because Ritesh may learn the truth. So she tries to stop him by reminding him about Shakuntala’s condition but Ritesh tells her Rahul and caretaker is here to take care of Shakuntala and leaves with Indu.

In Raina’s house Anjali tells Sunita that she is unable to contact Indu and dont know what’s happening in Ritesh’s house. Indu comes home and asks Sunita how is Zoon now. Sunita tells now the temperature is down. Ritesh also comes there. He sits beside Zoon and Indu sits on the other side. He enquires the family members about Zoon’s health. They all sees Zoon is about to throw up so Indu urges Anjali to take bowl but before she could bring Zoon throw up but Indu and Ritesh takes it in their hand inorder to prevent that the bed from spoiling. They both shares an eye lock.

Other side Sameer tells Vivaan let Kaamna suffer because she was a puppet of Ritesh for a long time. He then tells there is some huge connection between Kadambari and Indu. If he finds out the truth then no one can stop him from him reaching high height in his career and gets determined to find out the truth. Here in Raina’s Zoon once again tells that she wont tell anyone about anything. Indu pleads her to tell what happened. Zoon calls genie Ritesh and says that his mother fall from the stairs. Ritesh asks how did she knows this and looks at everyone but all of them looks confused just like him only.

Zoon then tells its Pankaj who is behind this and tells she won’t tell this to anyone. Ritesh gets shocked. Vivek questions why its bothering Zoon so much. Indu tells by the time she reached the room Kaamna is talking to Zoon and then she fall sick. She also asks is this how she treats and threatens a kid and cries. Ritesh tells the Raina’s to call him if they need his help and leaves the place. In Malhotra’s Pankaj tells that Ritesh wont do anything to him but asks Kaamna to take care of herself on her own. Ritesh comes and takes Pankaj’s collar and asks him how did his mother fell from the stairs. Everyone comes downstairs and tries to stop Ritesh from charging towards Pankaj. Ritesh insults them for being under his roof and lying to him like this. Pankaj reveals the truth that he is the reason behind Shakuntala’s accident.

Ritesh insults him for being a coward. He then confronts Kaamna for threatening a five year old kid and brings up her not giving birth to a child but she do have senses right about how to behave. Everyone gets shocked by Ritesh’s outburst. Ritesh then tells this not his family also says they all are changed and he don’t know how to believe them anymore and goes inside. Deep and Dolly follows him.

Precap: Kaamna tells that she is going to teach a lesson to both Indu and Zoon for turning Ritesh against them so asks Pankaj Sameer and Vivaan’s help. They all joins hand together. Other side Indu receives a call from Satish who asks her to meet him in a place to return his moment. Indu turns around and gets shocked seeing someone. Kaamna tells Ritesh if he is not in her life then she dont want that life and locks herself in her room. Ritesh asks Kaamna to open her room door. He then breaks the lock and enters the room and looks on shocked.

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