Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th November 2022 Written Update: Indu defends Ritesh in the court


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 9th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Sameer tells he and Kadambari isn’t interested to stay in this house. They both are staying here and leaves only with Zoon who is Kadambari’s child. Ritesh gets angry and tells Sameer that he won’t never let his dream of this come true even in his dreams. Sameer tells Ritesh that no matter what he and Kadambari will get Zoon’s custody and won’t let her suffer here. Ritesh gets furious so asks Sameer to not to take Zoon’s name but the latter refuses and provokes him with the same so Ritesh hits Sameer and they both gets into a fight. Family members gets shocked and worried. They tries to separate both Sameer and Ritesh but fails.

Indu pleads with Ritesh to leave Sameer for Zoon’s sake and Ritesh leaves his hold on Sameer. Sameer warns Ritesh and Kadambari takes him inside the room. Later Kadambari and Sameer gives Ritesh’s treatment papers to Kalpana and Kalpana tells them that they are the one who is going to win the custody case of Zoon. Kadambari gives Kalpana her pay cheque which is double than the actual amount which makes Kalpana happy. Other side Ritesh drops Indu home. Indu tells him that Sunita told her Zoon is asleep now. She then advices Ritesh to control his anger even if Sameer and Kadambari tries to provoke him. Ritesh mocks at her saying he knows what to do so he dont want her lectures about him how to handle his family and asks her to concentrate on Zoon.

Indu also gets angry and shouts at Ritesh even she dont want his advice to how to take care of Zoon. Ritesh scolds her then leaves the place. Indu gets upset and looks at Ritesh’s retreating back then goes inside. Ritesh also gets upset and turns around to see Indu but finds she isn’t there so he leaves the place.

The next day Sunita prays to God while Rajender and Zoon is in the living room. Indu asks Zoon to wait for her here as she is going to the court and will return in the evening. Zoon obliges. Vivek comes there and tells Indu they have to leave for the court. Rajender tells them about Sunita’s ritual of every morning prayer is that she will open one page of the bhagawat geeta and read its line to learn what God stores for them. Indu asks Rajender is Sunita read the page already.

Rajender says no. Sunita opens her eyes and calls Zoon and asks her to open the page. Zoon does what she instructed to do. Sunita reads the line in which it states they will get what they did on time. Rajender assures the verdict will be in favor of Indu only. Sunita advises Indu to not to lose hope at all. Ritesh arrives there. Zoon hugs Indu. Indu gets worried and asks her what happened. She then sees Ritesh. Ritesh greets everyone and apologises to Zoon for his behavior and pleads her to punish him but not to stay upset with him.

Zoon goes to Ritesh and apologises to him for Shakuntala’s condition and says that she isn’t upset with him. She also tells that Indu told her the parents will definitely teach them right thing when they do wrong things. Ritesh and Zoon hugs each other which makes the Raina’s happy. Vivek reminds them they have to go to court. Kaamna wishes both Sameer and Kadambari good luck. Kadambari confidently says that she is the one who going to win this case. Kaamna warns them about Ritesh and Indu who can defeat them in last minute also. Kadambari and Sameer tells her that’s why they have back up plan but inorder to succeed in it they need her help. Kaamna assures to help them both saying all three of them are going to get personal benefits.

Later Ritesh and Indu reaches the court just then Sameer and Kadambari also arrives there and takes the other side of the seat. Swati comes there and greets everyone. She then congratulates Ritesh and Indu for their marriage. They both thanks her. Kadambari tells Swati even she get married to Sameer who is Ritesh’s brother. Swati reminds Kadambari about her words to not to marry anyone and asks her why did she changed her decision.

Kadambari acts and tells Swati that she realised Zoon needs both family and financial support and Zoon needs father’s love and Sameer loves Zoon a lot. Sameer also acts and says that while taking pheras with Kadambari he decides to love and protect Zoon. Swati congratulates them both too. She then talks about Ritesh’s financial stability. Sameer interrupts and tells even he submitted the documents so Swati tells both Indu and Kadambari have both family and financial stability so they can give good life to Zoon.

Kadambari acts and tells Swati that she decides to withdraw the case because she is worried about her daughter who is suffering a lot. Sameer tells he supports Kadambari’s decision which shocks and confuses everyone. Swati scolds Kadambari and asks her to tell the reason behind her this decision. Kadambari tells her that Ritesh hit Zoon and she dont want Zoon to suffer because of her which shocks Indu and Ritesh also Swati. Swati asks Ritesh to tell whether Kadambari is saying the truth or not. Indu defends Ritesh saying it happened because of Kadambari only. Swati asks her to remain silent and repeats her question to Ritesh.

Ritesh tells that he did pushed Zoon but pleads with Swati to give him a chance to explain his side. Other side Kaamna meets the commissioner and talks about a person who is in prison and takes the file from the commissioner and thinks to herself that Ritesh and Indu have no idea what’s going to happen to them. In the court Ritesh explains why he pushed Zoon away. Swati scolds him and tells him it’s his responsibility to teach a kid how to behave with a patient who is in the house and expresses her disappointment which upsets Indu and Ritesh while Sameer and Kadambari gets happy.

Precap: Swati asks Ritesh is this true he went through treatment for his temper management? Ritesh says yes which shocks Indu. Swati asks Indu is she know about this before marriage? Ritesh looks at Indu with worry filled face and the latter looks on helplessly.

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