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Starbharat’s show Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai is gearing up with an interesting drama with Swati questions Indu and Kadambari about their marriage decision she then postponed a week to give her final judgment meawhile Indu becomes thoughtful recalling everything that happening also Ritesh and Zoon’s bond.

Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? What will Indu do next to get Zoon’s custody? Will Indu and Zoon gets reunite?

In the previous episode we had seen that Indu asked Zoon what she had taught her who was on the floor. Zoon and Indu both told each line how they had to face their own fears and battles. Zoon then stand up on her own and the entire courtroom applauded her.

Ritesh praised Zoon and called her strongest girl. Later Kalpana told Swati that Zoon might face problems because of Indu’s family members and asked her to gave permission to let her call a witness which Swati approved.

Sunita entered the courtroom which shocked Ritesh Indu Zoon and Vivek whereas Sameer and Kadambari looked happy. Indu pleaded with Sunita to not to say anything because of which might lose Zoon’s custody case. Kalpana questioned Sunita’s dislike for Zoon.

Sunita denied that and told she was worried about Indu’s marriage only which lead Kalpana to got an opportunity to change Swati’s mind by saying Sunita might throw Zoon out of their house one day so requested to give the custody of Zoon to Kadambari.

Megna questioned Sunita about her opinion to keep Zoon with them or not to which Sunita told she wanted Indu and Zoon to be with one another which made Indu Ritesh Zoon and Vivek happy but Kadambari and Sameer got shocked.

Swati announced that she wanted to talk to Zoon alone. She then learned through Zoon was longing for a father’s love also she found a father in Ritesh so unknowingly she wanted Ritesh and her father.

Zoon shared her worry about Indu to Swati. Meanwhile both Indu and Ritesh got into an argument over a seat. Zoon came outside and scolded both of them she then told Indu she was hungry so Indu suggested a place to have lunch but Ritesh chose his car.

Zoon refused to go to both lawn and car but suggested to have food outside the bench for which both Indu and Ritesh fought for. They both obliged helplessly. Ritesh took a seat on the bench and made Zoon comfortable in his lap. Indu also sat on the bench and glared at Ritesh.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Ritesh will say to Shakuntala that Swati is not giving the custody to Indu because Indu isn’t financially stable and he don’t know how to help and they have only one week time.

He will then bring Shakuntala infront of God’s idol. Shakuntala will sign at the vermilion box. Ritesh will bring it to her and ask her what she want him to do. Shakuntala will take Indu’s name which will confuse Ritesh.

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