Channa Mereya 17th August 2022 Written Update: Ginni pleads Rajvant to stop Aditya-Simran’s wedding


Channa Mereya 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurleen and Marleen telling Simran that they will help her get ready to look like a most beautiful bride. Supreet asks where the lehenga is for the bride to wear. Shailaja comes there with a lehenga which is Gurkeerat’s. She tells if Gurkeerat is here then she would have given to her.

Supreet becomes uncomfortable. Simran forces a smile and thinks to herself that she not even once thought she has to wear the old lehenga. Later Amber comes to Simran and tells her to come to him if she is in need of help. He also tells her that all of sudden she entered their life. The other day during puja Aditya announced about his wedding with Simran which is unexpected that’s the reason he reacted that way.

Later Supreet told him that she likes her so whatever and whoever Supreet likes he will also likes it/them. He then adds that he is accepting her as a family member. Supreet comes there. Simran thanks Amber. Amber leaves the room asking both Simran and Supreet to talk. Simran tells Supreet that she felt a connection towards her since day one. Supreet smiles. Shailaja comes there and mockingly asks Simran is that mean is she going to do what Supreet done to the family after her marriage. Both Simran and Supreet looks on shocked.

Rajvant comes out of the house and complains about the network issues he is facing because of which he is unable to contact anyone. He then sees Ginni is coming there crying. He asks her what happened. Ginni pleads Rajvant to stop the wedding. Rajvant gets shocked and asks her the reason behind her plea. Ginni tells him that Sam is her sister in law Simran Preet. If this marriage takes place then Goldie will kill himself so she dont want to lose her brother and pleads Rajvant to stop this wedding. Rajvant tells her he isn’t understanding what is she saying. Ginni tells him the moment she met Simran after Simran denied her she isn’t Simran also she enquired to Aditya about Simran but Aditya told her he doesn’t know.

Later she confronted Simran and the latter accepts she is Simran also agreed to return home when she didn’t return Goldie went crazy also Goldie learnt about Aditya-Simran’s marriage so he tried to kill himself but she saved him. Ginni pleads Rajvant to stop this marriage as she told him everything. Rajvant recalls the promise he made to Aditya and tells Ginni she was late and he wont break the promise he made to anyone and apologises to her saying he can’t able to help her. Ginni gets shocked. Inside the house Shailaja jokes and leaves the room.

Simran tells Supreet that Shailaja can’t break their mother and daughter in law bond also she will make sure she understands the depth of their relationship after she gets married. Supreet smiles and insists to help her get ready. Simran tells Supreet now all she has to wear is two ornaments which she will wear it on her own and thanks her for helping her get ready. Supreet leaves the place. Simran tells herself that she has to put the lock on Shailaja’s mouth after marriage or else her truth the unborn child which she is carrying in her womb is not Aditya’s.

Outside the house Ginni hugs Rajvant’s leg and pleads him to save her brother’s life by stopping this marriage. She also tells him all she have is her family nothing else if anything happens to her brother then she will never forgive herself. Rajvant asks Ginni is Aditya know everything about this. Ginni tells him that Aditya knows everything yet decides to marry Simran.

Rajvant recalls Aditya’s words and tells Ginni if even after making the truth Aditya had taken such decision there must be some strong reason behind it so he can’t able to help her in this. Ginni begs him not to do this with her and her family. Rajvant tells her all he can now do is bless her to find a solution then goes inside the house reminding Ginni even God will ready to help the one who is willing to tey themselves though. Ginni and Aditya recalls whatever happened till date after they both met each other also Simran came into their life.

Ginni breaksdown. She then imagines receiving a call from Gulraj asking her to come home because Goldie is about to cut his wrist then when she returns home she finds Goldie is dead. She comes out of her imagination screaming no. The priest asks to bring Groom. Aditya comes there and takes his place in the mandap. The priest asks to call the bride. Gurleen goes and Simran tells her she will be there in a minute. Ginni receives a call from Dampy who asks her is she stopped the wedding?

Ginni cuts the call and wonders what to do now. Simran is about to take the churni but it flies out of the window. It falls on Ginni. Ginni gets shocked. Inside Aditya performs the ritual. The priest tells they are running out of auspicious time so asks to bring the bride. Shailaja and Supreet goes to bring the bride. Ginni covers her face with the veil and comes with Supreet and Shailaja as a bride. She cries recalling Rajvant’s words to help on her own.

Precap: Aditya and Ginni exchanges Garland. They both takes pheras. Aditya applies vermilion on Ginni’s hairline that’s when he notices the pendant on her neck and relaises its belongs to Ginni. Ginni’s face gets revealed and the Singh’s gets shocked seeing Ginni as Aditya’s bride.

The episode starts with Gulraj Shampy and Dimpy asking to open the door. Pasha also pleads him. Ginni comes there and asks what happened. Gulraj tells that Goldie locked himself after he comes from outside. Pasha tells that he will tell her the truth. The FB shows in which Pasha asks him to have alcohol but Goldie refuses saying Simran is here in Amritsar but she don’t understand why she refused to come to meet him and the family. Pasha asks him to stop blabbering about Simran always.

One man comes there and informs Marleen called him and informed him about Aditya’s marriage preponed and she want for them to do some customized products and she sent photo of Aditya and his fiancee too. Pasha asks Goldie to see Aditya’s fiancee and shows him the photo of Aditya and Simran. Goldie gets shocked and tells its Simran. The men around him taunt him by calling him useless also he is living under the shadow of his sister so Simran left him.

The other men and Pasha tells hereafter they won’t able to call Simran as their sister in law because she is going to be Aditya’s wife. The FB ends. Ginni and the family members once again pleads Goldie to open the door. Ginni recalls Goldie decides to commit suicide if he can’t get Simran so she urges Pasha to break the lock. They all opens the door and gets shocked seeing Goldie hanging. Ginni goes to rescue. Gulraj looks on shocked.

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