Chashni 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Roshini declares her relationship with Nirbhay

Chashni 23rd March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raunaq thinking that Chandini’s trust in him is increasing. That is why he came to Amritsar. He stops the car in front of the temple. He asks her to pray there. He excuses her for buying the prasad. Chandini says to god that she gave everything to her. She even returned her dad to her but they lack happiness. She has to move on in her life. She pleads God to not separate dad from his daughter. She prays to god to solve the misunderstanding between Roshini and her dad. Vikas comes there to pray along with Nirbhay.

Chandini is shocked to meet Vikas in the temple. Vikas recognised her as Sanjay Chopra’s daughter. She recognised his face and said that he was the one who had met her 15 years before. He framed his father. Vikas escapes from her. Nirbhay follows his father behind. Raunaq notices them. Chandini comes in front of Vikas’s car. Nirbhay and Raunaq ask her what she is doing.

Chandini demands Vikas come out of the car. She forces him to get out of the car. She says to him that she won’t forget him. This is why Sanjay hit him in front of everyone. Raunaq asks her how she knew him? Chandini says that she won’t forget him in her next birth either. She has been searching for him for the last 15 years. Whatever happened in our lives, he was the reason for it. The doctor said it was clear Sanjay behaved violently today because he recognised Vikas even after 15 years had passed. She lashes out at him. She says to him that she won’t leave him today. Because of him, everyone accused her father as the culprit.

Vikas says that her family was mentally unstable. Sanjay attacks him first and Chandini scolds him. Chandini says to him he doesn’t have shame to frame someone else as the culprit. How did he sleep these many years peacefully after killing those children? Because of him, her innocent father was framed. Nirbhay tells her there was a misunderstanding. He takes Vikas from there. Raunaq consoles Chandini. She tells him that he was the culprit.

Later, Chandini informs Manav that God brought him in front of her after 15 years to prove her father’s innocence. She shows Manav that Vikas was Sanjay’s batchmate. He was the one who kept the money in their house. She asks Bindu. Didn’t she inform them about it 15 years ago? Bindu agrees with her. She says that he was the reason for their state. Meanwhile, Vikas says to Nirbhay that they are not a good family. He might cut all his ties with them. Nirbhay asks him if he worked in a fire station before doing business. He asks him to stop lying to him about what his connection with Sanjay was. He tells him that he worked with him. He revealed his truth to everyone. That is why he was angry with him.

Roshini calls him but he disconnects the call. Raj blocks his car. Nirbhay argues with them about blocking his way. Raj threatens him to transfer his pub papers to Sumar’s name. Nirbhay refuses to do it, reasoning he will settle their money asap. Raj wishes to do something against him to snatch his pub from him. Later, Chandini says that Nirbhay helped his dad to spy on them. Roshini asks her to stop linking him with Vikas. There is no proof against Vikas. She argues with Chandini about Nirbhay and declares her relationship with him.

Episode ends

Precap; Chandini will demand Roshini to promise her that she will cut all her ties with Nirbhay.

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