Chashni Upcoming Story: Chandni and Raunaq to come closer again

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Star plus currently launched show Chashni is a breathe of fresh air with a refreshing storyline as we see two sisters Roshni and Chandni fighting for their father who was wrongly accused.

In the previous episode, Roshni shouted that her sister’s arm cannot be amputated. Nirbhay said he had called famous surgeon Dr Shetty. Grandma wanted to sign form for operation as she cannot see Chandni fighting for life and waiting for doctor who isn’t even there.
Chandni suddenly started hyperventilating. Doctor told them that Chandni doesn’t have much time.

Grandma signed the form and told him to go ahead with surgery. However Raunaq came with Dr Shetty on time and rush to stop from Chandni’s arm being amputated. Nirbhay asked Roshni to forgive him but she was reluctant to do so.

Sumer thought he will meet Chandni soon. Roshni had a breakdown and told Nirbhay that Chandni was fighting with live because of their relationship and asked him to breakup. Nirbhay asked her to give him a chance but she denied. In the upcoming episodes we will see, Chandni will give a chance to Nirbhay and Roshni’s relationship.

Raunaq will give Chandni flower and will ask if they can be friends again however later he will say that he doesn’t want anything that reminds him of Chandni. He will also vow to destroy all happiness in Chandni’s life.

To know what’s going on further in Roshni & Chandni’s life, stay tuned to this space.

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