Chashni Upcoming Story: Chandni to give a chance to Nirbhay


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Star plus newly launched show Chashni, which revolves around the life story of two sisters Chandni and Roshni is at a crucial point now as Chandni lands in life risking situation while saving Roshni

In the previous episode starts with Raunaq recognized Raj with Jogi from cctv. Chandni said Raj has personal enmity with their family so if Roshni was with them she isn’t safe at all. Chandni felt guilty and said she should not have let Roshni go when she came to talk to her. Nirbhay suggests to go to Raj directly. Raj’s car was parked outside his factory so they realize he was there and Roshni was there too.

While rescuing Roshni, Raj shot Chandni. Doctor said Chandni was lucky as bullet just passed by her heart muscles. However he informed that because of bullet being inside for long there was infection in her arms and to save her they need to amputate Chandni’s left arm.

Raunaq told doctor that Chandni is fire fighter and her hands save numerous lives daily. However doctor said there was no other way. Roshni got angry and blames Nirbhay for Chandni’s condition In the upcoming episodes we will see Chandni will say her hatred is not greater than her love for Roshni so will agree to give one chance to Nirbhay.

All family members get happy with her decision. Raunaq will vow to destroy Channdi’s life and happiness.

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