Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Nupur standsup against her family in Payal matter


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 23rd September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chiku prays to Bappa saying Mummy is correct and that bad aunty broked my family so tell me the idea Bappa to reunite my family. She says Nupur broke my family. Nupur asks what’s the problem if she is saving the life’s of kids from Basti. Milind says you’re risking Aarav and nirav lives by doing it. Nupur says I’m doing this to search our Payal too. Milind says it’s time to make you realise the truth,  you’re the reason for Payal disappearance so from here onwards think about our family peace and stop searching Payal with orphanage people as our Payal is no more so accept it. Nupur says you guys can blame me for Payal disappearance but I can never leave the hope to meet my daughter and I will never leave that hope to get my daughter back and she leaves from that place.

Chikoo sees the dance performance and She imagines Nupur as a devil and ending her than she thinks to teach lesson to Nupur and reunite her family to get back her Mummy love. Rangoli imagines Tanki taken by Nupur than She gets scared seeing Nupur and Nupur says I will snatch Chiku also like I taken other kids. Rangoli shouts saying no than she thinks that lady is snake not Mom and I won’t let her take away my kids.

Sulab comes to Chikoo and asks why she called her. Chikoo says you know that Mummy is angry that’s why I wants to rectify my mistake by getting our friends back from that snake aunty so accompany me to Bhooth bunglow. Sulab says why will I help you as you snatched my star place. Chikoo says it’s between us but it’s matter of our family and we love mummy so we have to do for it and from next time you will be the star performer so help me. Sulab agrees. Rangoli thinks she is feeling that I can’t do anything if she lock my kids in Bhooth bunglow but I will get back my kids and teach lesson to that lady.

Sulab and Chikoo enters the orphanage premises by hiding in dustbin. Sulab about go shout seeing rat but Chikoo stops him. Watchman thinks where dustbin gone and they searches for it. Chikoo says rat may help as it’s vehicle of Bappa and she asks rat to help her. Rangoli comess to orphanage. Watchman caughts the dustbin and they about to open it but they leaves to catch Rangoli who is trying to enter the orphanage, they catches Rangoli and removes her mask than she runs away by throwing them.

Chikoo and Sulab gets scared seeing Orphanage as they thinks it as Bhooth bunglow. Savitri about to fell down because of doll. Kamini saves her than Savitri asks her to turn on the lights than she sees so many dolls and asks about them. Kamini says Nupur get them to gift to Orphanage kids and you consider her as Daughter but she won’t treat you like Sasur too. Savitri asks Kamini to remove them from their place. Kamini says sorry mother it’s not Nupur who bought them and I mixed favourite doll of Payal in it and now wait and watch how I’m going to play the game. Chikoo says they might take our Bali and Sulab says it’s just building not Booth bunglow and they walk forward by closing their eyes and fell in tunnel. Watchman closes the lid. Sulab and Chikoo shouts for help.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo tells to Nupur that she will take her friends back to her Mummy. Nupur says lets compete to decide it.

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