Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Chikoo misunderstands Dhanush


Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo knocking on the door and shouting for help. Organizer announces they will start the next round with Dhanush if Chikoo didn’t arrive on time. Few minutes before It’s shown Chikoo confronts Mini about why she made her reach the wrong address. Mini tried to manage her telling a lie but Chikoo refused to believe her and warned her to stop lying, Mini overheard that organizer are planning to ask questions from their favourite subjects. Mini changed the names by colliding the person who is carrying a tray.

Second round gets started. Dhanush offers her water when her bottle is finished and she thanks her. Chikoo didn’t answer the questions as it’s from analytical reasoning. Dhanush answers those questions even though he knows that he didn’t get points. Next organizer asks Dhanush a question and he didn’t answer seeing his Mom. Then Chikoo indirectly hints him. Dhanush tells the correct answer and wins the round. Chikoo smiles seeing her dad. Later Dhanush gives juice to Chikoo and thanks to her for the help. Chikoo says I just returned the favour but next round I’m going to win. Dhanush also tells he will rock the next round as you’re not going to be visible.

Chikoo goes to the washroom and friends of Dhanush lock her in washeoom. Chikoo assumes Dhanush locked the door and she is knocking on the door for help than she tries to remove glass and falls on the floor. Chikoo thinks she hates Dhanush.

Organizer tells Dhanush will be the winner if Chikoo didn’t arrive on time. Students says Chikoo might run away. Dimple goes to see what happened. Organizer asks Dhanush if he knows about Chikoo. He denies. Chikoo comes out from backside but security denies allowing her inside.

The organizer is about to announce Dhanush is the winner but Param asks the organizer to conduct round 3 to announce the winner. Organizer asks him the question from Mahabharata. Chikoo escapes from the security and both of them answer at the same time.

Organizer tells it’s a tie which disappoints Dhanush’s mom and she leaves. Sameer smiles. Chikoo confronts Dhanush why he locked herself in the washroom. Spanish tells he didn’t do it. Chikoo says you’re a liar. Dhanush says I brought you here then why will I lock you and stop your dramas and he asks her to wipe her tears. Chikoo tells she doesn’t want to see his face and asks him to leave. Dhanush tells she has to see his face until he wins the scholarship. Chikoo leaves without listening to Dimple.

Sameer says you’re having your favourite ice cream so smile. Chikoo tells she wins after smiling the scholarship and it takes 3 months and asks him to pay the fee. Sameer says I will pay the fee and can join you in best college then this one. Chikoo says she wants to stay in Mumbai. Sameer says Joshi’s doesn’t like you and your Mom is no more. Chikoo says my Mom is murdered. Sameer gets shocked.
Episode ends.

Recap – Dhanush asks Mini to invite Chikoo to his birthday party as it’s his Mom’s wish. Mini warms Chikoo to not attend the party.

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