Choti Sardarni 10th June 2022 Written Update: Kulwant agrees for Mannat and Zorawar’s marriage


Choti Sardarni 10th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mannat tells Bittu that she loves Zorawar so she can’t marry Nirvair. She says that this marriage will ruin four people’s life. She asks him that why no one has problem with Kulwant’s ego. She pleads him to stop this marriage. He recalls that how Kulwant killed Manav. She pleads him to support her. Jeeto asks Bittu to prove that he is Mannat’s father by supporting her today. She tells him about a father’s responsibility. She tells Mannat to ask her happiness from Bittu. She asks her to call Bittu as father because the latter has all the rights to ask help from Bittu. Mannat calls Bittu as father and asks him to help her saying that she don’t want to marry Nirvair. Jeeto asks Bittu to convince Kulwant for Mannat’s happiness.

After some time, Bittu asks Kulwant to listen him once. She tells him that she won’t change her decision. She locks him in a room. Later, Mannat and Zorawar moves towards the marriage hall. Zorawar signals at her that she is looking beautiful. He thinks that he wants a chance to confess his love but he could not even find the answer for the riddle. He remembers Mannat’s riddle. He realises that the answer of the riddle is heart.

Mannat tells Nirvair that he only said that love is important in the marriage. She says that they won’t be happy in this marriage. She apologizes to him for telling the truth now. She adds that she loves someone else. She tells Kulwant that she don’t know that he loves her or not but she can’t marry someone else. She apologizes to her and runs from there.

Zorawar tells Scarlet that he never said that he loves her because he never loved her. He tells her that he loves someone else. He says that he don’t know that she loves him or not but he want to propose her. He leaves from there.

Zorawar and Mannat meets each other. He tells her that he found the answer of the riddle. He says that heart is the answer of the riddle. He tells her that his heart just beats for her. He says that he learnt to love because of her. He adds that she is ruling his heart. Kiara smiles hearing him.

Mannat tells Zorawar that she yearned to listen this from him. He proposes her. She tells him that she loves him too. Kulwant asks them to stop the drama. Dolly says that this marriage can’t happen. Nirvair’s guards tries to attack Mannat but Bittu stops them. Bittu tells Kulwant that he won’t let her do wrong with Mannat. Everyone supports Mannat and Zorawar except Kulwant and Dolly.

Zorawar pleads Dolly and Kulwant to agree for his and Mannat’s marriage. Mannat tells Kulwant that she can stay happy with Zorawar only. Dolly asks Kulwant to forget their fight for their children’s sake. Nirvair says that he don’t want to marry Mannat and leaves from there. Scarlet’s parents takes Scarlet from there. Meher and Sarab’s spirit convinces Kulwant for Mannat and Zorawar’s marriage. Kulwant says that Zorawar is the right guy for Mannat and they are made for each other. Mannat hugs Zorawar. They takes Meher and Sarab’s blessings. They clicks family picture.

The End.

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