Choti Sardarni 1st March 2022 Written Update: Khushi asks Seher to not attend Param’s marriage functions


Choti Sardarni 1st March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajveer ties bandage on Prince’s injury. Prince tells him that he got afraid when he was in the pit. Rajveer tells him that the latter is safe now. And he falls asleep. Prince kills mosquitoes so it doesn’t disturb Rajveer’s sleep. But Rajveer wakes up and applies cream on him. Prince asks him to sing a song so he can sleep. He reminds him that the latter has to sing in female voice. Rajveer thinks that Seher is not there to help him. He tells him that he will sing some other time. Kulwant comes there and asks him to sing. He murmurs to her that Seher sings a song for Prince not him.

Param tells Seher that Meher asked him to take care of her but what is he doing. She tells him that nothing can happen to her when her brothers are with her. Karan gets worried seeing her injury. She tells them that she is glad that Prince is safe. Kulwant comes there. Karan tells her that everyone forcing Rajveer and Seher to stay away from each other for Prince. Seher tells him that Prince is victim so everyone should take care of him and he needs their love not hatred.

Rajveer sings very badly so Prince laughs at him. He notices Seher and lip sync when Seher sings a song for Prince. Prince tells Rajveer that he lost his hoodie while escaping from pit. Rajveer gives new hoodie to him. Prince smiles seeing that and says that he loves him. Rajveer makes him wear the hoodie and they lays down on the bed. Devika tells Khushi that Rajveer and Seher taking care of Prince. Khushi tells her that Seher doing all this to get rid of her guilt and Prince won’t let Rajveer and Seher stay together.

Later, Rajveer apologizes to Seher for not taking care of her. He says that he will bring the ointment for her. She tells him that Param applied it already. He says that he will bring turmeric milk for her. She stops him saying that Kulwant gave her already. He says that he is not fulfilling his responsibility as Seher’s husband. She asks him to not feel bad.

Next day, everyone gathers to have breakfast. Param tells Seher that how she used to eat noodles when she was a kid. She recalls that incident and smiles. Rajveer brings Prince there. Prince says that he wants Rajveer to feed him. Khushi tells them that Prince is allergic to peanut when Ginni was about to give peanut to Prince. Harleen says that they should continue the functions of Param and Devika’s marriage. Devika’s mother tells them about the function in which everyone gives gift to Devika. Harleen suggests to invite Prince’s friends. Prince thanks her. Kulwant asks her that how can kids stay away from their parents. Harleen asks her to not worry about it.

Khushi murmurs to Prince that Seher should not attend marriage functions otherwise she will separate him from Rajveer. Prince tells Rajveer that Seher should not attend any function. Rajveer asks him to go inside and play. Prince goes inside. Kulwant tells Harleen that the latter can’t do anything before the truth comes out. Khushi says that Prince can’t handle emotional stress and yesterday he fell into the pit because of Seher. She asks Rajveer to think about Prince’s health. Seher tells her that she won’t attend Param’s marriage functions.

Episode ends.

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