Dabangii 11th June 2024 Written Update: Arya reveals to Bela about Eklavya’s condition

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The episode starts with Eklavya acting as if he is really close to Zai to make Arya jealous. Eklavya does a romantic dance with Zai. Zai while dancing with Eklavya thinks she knows he is doing this to make Arya but she doesn’t care as Arya is going to leave tomorrow.

Zai and Eklavya cut the cake and eat food. Sonia opens Arya’s room door and asks Arya why is she crying and why is she locked in this room. Arya makes up a reason for it and leaves from there with Sonia. Eklavya sees Arya is not in the room so he goes to check it out. Zai thinks one day her and Eklavya will get together and nobody can stop it.

The next day, Arya gets ready to leave to Mumbai but she gets a call. Arya reveals to Ankush that the job that she got, was given to someone else. Ankush hearing it says to Arya then it means she can stay for a few days.

Arya comes to Eklavya and asks Eklavya how could he stop her from getting a job. Eklavya comments and says he will do it because she threw him in this trouble and she is trying to escape. Arya says she will leave from here tomorrow no matter what. Eklavya says to Arya that if she tries to do that then he will tell Zai that he loves Arya and he wants to break off this wedding. Arya says he can’t do it. Eklavya comments and says to Arya that her punishment is that she will always see him and Zai together and suffer and if she tries to leave from here then he will leave Zai. Eklavya asks Arya to stay put and leaves from there.

Zai sees Arya’s clothes and puts it back in her luggage. Bela comes and asks Zai why is she looking stressed. Zai says Arya hasn’t gotten the job and she will stay here and seperate Zai and Eklavya. Zai makes Bela believe that she is really distressed about it. Bela leaves from there.

Bela comes to Arya and comments on Arya. Bela says to Arya that she booked his tickets to Mumbai and asks her to leave right away. Arya reminds Bela that they forced Eklavya to do this marriage and Eklavya is blackmailing her saying that if she leaves this house then he will leave Zai. Zai overhears their conversation.

Eklavya struggles with himself for making Arya cry and thinks Arya needs to understand his pain.

Eklavya comes to Zai and they both drink coffee. Eklavya sees Arya so he flirts with Zai and once Arya leaves from there he makes up a reason and leaves from there.

Ankush later praises Eklavya saying commissioner was praising his work. Eklavya sees Arya and says to Zai that he has decided to take her to a party.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Zai thinks of how to get close with Eklavya. Zai acts as if she is pregnant by making the doctor speak about it.

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