Dabangii 13th June 2024 Written Update: Zai misleads Bela

Dabangii 13th June 2024 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Eklavya trying to recall what happened. Arya comes to Eklavya. Eklavya says to Arya that this couldn’t happen. Eklavya says he never got close together with Zai. Eklavya says he acted as if he is close with Zai but he never got close. Arya reminds Eklavya that he did that test right infront of everyone. Eklavya says he drank so much that he can’t even remember what happened on the first night. Eklavya cries over Zai’s shoulder.

Bela says to Zai that she will do Yoga from tomorrow onwards. Kasturi and Sonia come to Zai. Zai asks Kasturi and Sonia if she can name her son Tanmay. Kasturi and Sonia get emotional hearing it and they agree to it.

Arya says to Eklavya that it doesn’t matter what happened but what really matters is that now he is father. Arya shows the God to Eklavya and asks Eklavya what kind of a father he will be. Arya asks if he will be like Satya who will kill his own son for his selfish reasons or like Ankush who will give up his whole life for a daughter that is not even his daughter. Eklavya breaks down on the spot hearing it. Arya says to Eklavya that their relationship is only up till here. Arya says she knows he will be great father for the baby. Arya asks Eklavya to try loving Zai. Arya leaves from there. Eklavya cries to himself.

Bela says to Ankush that soon someone is going to come into this world who will call him Ajubaba. Ankush says he is happy for it but he is worried about Arya. Bela says to Eklavya that if Arya tries to hurt Zai in any way she will not leave Arya and comments on it.

The next day, Arya comes and gives Zai’s tablets to Bela.

After a while. The servant comes to Bela and others saying Zai is puking blood. Bela asks Zai what happened. Bela calls the doctor. Ankush says to the doctor that Zai is puking blood after taking this medicine. The doctor says this is blood pressure medicine. Zai asks Arya why is she trying to kill her son and asks Arya if she is trying to get back Eklavya. Bela thinks Arya is trying to hurt Zai and decides to throw Arya out of the house but Ankush stops her. Bela comments on them saying he of them have become blind.

Eklavya says to Bela that Arya would never do that. Bela says to Zai that his duty is to care for Zai and the baby and asks Eklavya to do it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Zai confronts Arya. The whole family witnesses Arya pushing Zai down the stairs.

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