Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 4th March : Shlok takes stand for Shraddha

Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jaao 4th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Episode starts with Dhruv says union over and play too over and goes from there. Shraddha cries recalling everything that occurred today. Nurse asks Dhruv about Dadaji’s previous medical reports because they had them for operation.

Dhruv calls Vikas to notify about Dadaji’s health state and Anjali hears that and runs to reach hospital and Shlok, her family follows her. Shraddha asks Anjali to reach 3rd floor when Anjali called her. Vikas and Dadi shocks seeing Shraddha’s sindoor and asks her to tell the truth. Anjali tells Shraddha to quit crying and say what happened.

Shraddha says she did not had any other alternative and first time Dadaji asked her something that is why she did not capable to deny him and says Dadaji misunderstood about Dhruv and her connection and asked her to marry him that is why she did fake union. Anjali gets mad and asks how do Shraddha took this much major decision and asks why Shraddha did not spoke with cries and family.

Shlok consoles Anjali, and takes stand for Shraddha telling they should be pleased with her courageous decision and Shraddha thought about Anjali and Dadaji before her very own self. Shlok tells he’s with Shraddha and attempts to make others too know her situation that is it’s only a fake marriage.

And asks Dadi not to angry on Shraddha rather she should support her today because if Dadaji asked something to Dadi then she too could have done it for him. He tells Anjali not to worry, and says she’s strong enough to manage everything and others will be OK since Shraddha’s intention was great. He takes Vikas to physician to give Dadaji’s reports, Anjali also follows them.

Prabhas heard everything and believes Dhruv become angry and hunts him in hospital, that time will get call from Sunderlal, and lies to him about Dadaji’s health state and states Dadaji is normal today because he wanted to conceal Dhruv and Shraddha issue from him and asks him reach home to deal with the prep for Anjali’s welcome. He matches Dhruv and scolds him Dhruv behaves like nothing big happened.

Prabhas inquires did Dhruv even knows the significance of sindoor and mangalsutra. Dhruv informs it was only a fake union so Prabhas need to not be worried about it. Prabhas asks did anybody saw the marriage since it can become legal if anybody witnessed it then.

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