Dadi Amma Maan Jao 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist

Dadi Amma Maan Jao 10th March 2020 Upcoming Story and Twist on

Dhruv says Shraddha we must go hospital, Ajooba wishes to give us Shagun, and retains Shraddhas hands and takes her with him, Shlok walks into Aaji, Rekha feels hurt, Shlok Dhruv Aaji Shraddha leave.

Dhruv and Shraddha in automobile, Dhruv says let’s forget the past, and do so for Ajooba and all this is for Anjali Bhabhi. ( Anjali claims to Dhruv, your lie is hope for Ajooba, and if he will be stable we’ll tell him the truth, will you please help)

Dhruv claims to Shraddha this is for Anjali Bhabhi, Shraddha says I had my portion of betrayal that is enough, keep your hands inside you’ll get hurt.

Aaji says what wrong did I do God, I tried to save my grand daughter from heart break, that boy and family, please attempt to understand her feelings, I have always raised them like a mother, how can I let her heart break, show me a way, I will wait for your signals, please solve this matter.

Rekha prays to god, says to god Krishna, you’ve got two moms, then how do you not know my pain, I never longed for myself but them, why let you happen this with my Dhruv, that is fraud family, Aaji believes it is your blessings, Rekha says Dhruv and Shraddha can’t be together Dhruv will do as I say and even you may encourage my god and I know I’m selfish, I am telling you if this does not happen, I swear I won’t love you again, not.

Aaji prays lord if my Shraddha faces a heart break I won’t ever speak with you again.

Aaji, Shraddha Dhruv, Anjali Shlok near Ajooba. Ajooba wakes up, Ajooba asks Aaji to get money from his pocket, and inquire Anjali and Shlok to come nearer and hands them 500$ as blessings and states Shlok this Anjali is Jhansis queen take good care of her, I am a,manners defeated by her, Shlok says I am out of your staff we won’t be defeated today.

Ajooba calls Dhruv and Shraddha, and asks Shraddha and Dhruv to hold hands, and hands them money, and states to Dhruv she’s naughty but where fragile, please treat her. Ajooba says when I will be home we can do your Bidai and you will visit your in laws home.

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