Dhadkan Upcoming Story: Deepika to rescue Vikrant?


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Dhadkan becomes has become a popular show. With, Deepika and Vikrant coming close.

In the ongoing track, Ansari thinks to create differences between Sia and Abhay so when Sia is alone he induces thoughts in her mind that Abhay is behaving so sweet because he has guilt of cheating. Sia gets into thinking and loses the competition. Here, Vikrant has another drug episode, Deepika rushes to check upon him. Deepika says she is ready to help him and not tell this to anyone if he goes to rehab. Seeing Deepika going against her ethics Suman feels they both still have feelings for each other. Later, Vikrant and Suman are in car and Vikrant drives rashly and they get into an accident.

Suman rushes an injured Vikrant to hospital. Deepika is shocked to see them. Deepika treats Vikrant and convinces her for going to rehab. Deepika successfully hides blood reports of Vikrant as it shows overdosing of opioid. While, Sia breaks up with Abhay and warns Peroz to select one of them to be friends with. Later, Abhay decides to focus on his career and become a cardiac doctor. Then Abhay gets shocked to see Vinayak as the surgeon in lead.

Abhay gets flashbacks of his childhood. While, Deepika can’t stop thinking about Vikrant, there Vikrant is tortured by an old rivalry of his, Cedric. Abhay does the surgery with Vinayak and gets lots of taunts from him. Deepika gets a call from Vikrant and comes to rehab to take him. Cedric challenges her to try and take Vikrant and he tells her hospital about Vikrant. On the other hand, Abhay is in the ambulance with DC and he gets an attack he calls Vinayak and says I can perform this procedure and Vinayak gets doubtful if Abhay can perform it rightly. Abhay performs it right and gets appreciated by Vinayak.

In the upcoming episodes, Deepika will be irritated and will get reminded of past with Vikrant. Vikrant will face anger issues.

How will Deepika face this next challenge?

Will Sia get to know about Abhay’s love for Deepika?

Will Vikrant be able to move on?

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