Dheere Dheere Se 1st March 2023 Written Update: Bhawana apologises to Brij Mohan


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The episode starts with Raghav and Bhawana have tea together to celebrate the latter’s victory. Bhawana recalls Bhanu’s words. She then asks Raghav that his parent’s must have read the news and wonders what they are thinking about her. Raghav asks her to not to worry because he handled everything. Bhawana tells him she was too dependent on her family but after Deepak’s demise everything has changed. She also expresses her gratitude towards the Shastri’s for letting her and Aanchal stay in their house.

Raghav recalls his promise to Brij Mohan. He then tells Bhawana whatever happens everything will be alright. He also tells she won’t get an opportunity to worry as she is going to Indore now so she don’t have to worry or scared about anything. Bhawana tells Raghav that he is with her so she don’t have to worry about anything. Raghav gets determined to protect the special friendship he has with Bhawana.

Raghav and Gaurav plays a chess game. Gaurav defeats Raghav but finds the latter is worried so Gaurav questions Raghav about it. Raghav shares his worry with Gaurav about Bhawana. Meanwhile Bhawana meets Brij Mohan and apologises to him for the news which portrayed her relationship with Raghav in an ill manner. Brij Mohan accepts her apology. He then inquires whether Raghav talked to her. Bhawana gets confused so asks Brij Mohan what he is saying. Brij Mohan sends Bhawana out saying it’s nothing then wonders why Raghav didn’t informed Bhawana yet.

Here Gaurav advices Raghav to tell Bhawana about Brij Mohan’s decision. Raghav refuses saying he will find a place for her and Aanchal to stay then he will inform her. Swati takes Raghav’s phone from Aarav’s hand. She scolds him for spending too much time on phone then asks Bhawana to give Raghav his phone then leaves with Aarav. Bhawana sees Brij Mohan is calling Raghav so she decides to give Raghav his phone but drops it and the call gets answered. Brij Mohan asks why Raghav didn’t tells Bhawana that she has to leave the house in few days yet. Bhawana gets shocked hearing it. She wonders why Raghav hide this from her. Gaurav agrees to talk to the brokers about house’s for Bhawana and Aanchal.

Aanchal and Raghav surprises Bhawana by making arrangements to celebrate her victory. Raghav calls Bhawana an entrepreneur. He motivates her to move ahead and achieve everything in her life. Bhawana thinks Raghav must have thought to tell Brij Mohan’s decision to her when the right time comes. She then celebrates her victory with both Raghav and Aanchal. Meanwhile Amit informs Bhanu the builder gave his son’s marriage contract to someone else.

Bhanu gets shocked and angry. Here Raghav scolds the broker for their perspective about a widowed women who wants a house. Aanchal gets upset when Bhawana tells her about Brij Mohan’s decision. Bhawana assures Aanchal she will manage everything but worries to herself how to manage everything as she have to go to Indore also.

Later Bhawana meets Raghav and repays him the money the latter spent on her medical treatment also pays her rent. Raghav shares his concern with Bhawana about how she will manage everything. Bhawana assures him she will then leaves. Other side Bhanu who comes to meet the builder overhears the builder’s conversation with his men and learns the latter is the reason behind him went prison. He decides to not to spare him at all. The next day Bhawana gets ready and talks to her reflection in the mirror about the phases of her life. She then gets determined to be independent then leaves the house with determination.

Precap: Bhawana lends money from someone as a loan. She then gets shocked when the auto driver drives off with the money in her bag. She tries to stop the auto but fails.

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