Dheere Dheere Se 3rd March 2023 Written Update: Bhanu informs the inspector about the builder’s crime


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The episode starts with Bhawana sees Amit is talking to someone and wonders who he is talking with because he used to shout at the phone with whoever he is talking with. Vidya arrives there and questions Amit what he is doing in the balcony. Amit shouts at her then leaves the place. Bhawana watches this and feels bad for Vidya who loves Amit so much then leaves. She then meets Raghav and gives him a gift for supporting her always and helping her whenever she is in trouble. Raghav takes Bhawana in his room. He gets happy seeing the shirt and tells her it’s his favorite color. Bhawana says to him if he don’t like it then they can exchange it and asks his honest opinion. Raghav shows her the torn shirt. Bhawana takes it back and decides to fix it. She then gives him another gift which is Keychain. Raghav praises her. Bhawana thanks him then leaves the place.

Later Savita asks Raghav why he didn’t told Bhawana that she has to leave the house in few days. If he fails to inform then Brij Mohan himself will say to Bhawana which won’t be good. She also suggests Raghav that she will say Bhawana about Brij Mohan’s decision. Raghav assures Savita that he will inform Bhawana immediately. Swati smirks and pretends to feel bad for Bhawana who is suffering mainly because of the enmity between two family’s. Savita tells the enmity will end only when Brij Mohan wins. Raghav gets upset.

The next day Raghav shares his disappointment with Gaurav for not able to find a house for Bhawana yet. He then decides to take Inspector Rajesh’s help. Bhanu informs the inspector the builder is the one who kidnapped and attacked Raghav and trapped him. Rakesh asks proof which angers Bhanu so he shouts at the Inspector then leaves. Raghav who arrives there hear Bhanu’s confession and tells the inspector that he thinks Bhanu is telling the truth because he is an opposition lawyer of a particular case against the builder. The builder already threatened him. Rajesh asks without proof how to arrest the builder. Raghav smiles and says they can find a proof or make one then looks on.

Bhawana hears Brij Mohan reminding Gaurav about the Barsati case hearing. She gets shocked forgetting about it and decides to find a lawyer. She talks to the broker on the call that she will give deposit to him the next day as she is stuck in an important work today. The broker urges her to finish the formalities to finalize the house. Bhawana assures to meet him the next day. Gaurav who passes by hears Bhawana’s conversation with the broker and wonders the reason behind Bhawana looking for a house even before Raghav told her anything about Brij Mohan’s decision. He decides to intimate Raghav about this. Aanchal encourages Bhawana saying she will find the lawyer and the verdict will be on their favor. Even if it’s not God must have better plans for them. Bhawana gets happy then goes to meet the lawyer.

Bhanu meets the builder and threatens to kill him if he don’t confess his crimes of kidnapping Aanchal also attacking Raghav. The builder confesses his crimes. Cops arrives there and arrests him. Rajesh then informs Raghav his plan worked and they arrested the builder. Raghav gets happy. He then reminds him about finding a house. Rajesh agrees to help. Bhawana meets the lawyer who tells her he took another case when she didn’t met him the order day also tells her he will give few references but also says he won’t give her any false hope. Bhawana gets sad and leaves the office. She wonders whose help to take just then Raghav calls her but she decides not to take his help and decides to find a solution on her own.

Precap: Gaurav asks Raghav to stop Bhawana from signing any agreement for the house. Raghav tells he won’t let Bhawana’s hard earned money to get spoiled. He leaves to stop Bhawana. Meanwhile Bhawana signs the agreement and takes money from her bag and forwards her hand to give it to the broker.

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