Dheere Dheere Se 8th June 2023 Written Update: Raghav manipulates Swati

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The episode starts with Raghav asking Swati about Gaurav. He then instigates Swati against Brij Mohan’s responsibility for Gaurav then leaves. Swati gets upset. There, Abhishek gets upset seeing Gaurav is still waiting outside the door. Swati arrives and asks Gaurav what is he doing here also asks him to go with her but Gaurav refuses. She then convinces Gaurav to go with her for a coffee after making sure Abhishek is sleeping in the room only. Raghav takes Abhishek from there after Gaurav leaves.

Raghav-Bhawana and Abhishek-Dimple meet eachother in the balcony. Dimple refuses to put Haldi of Shekhar’s house. Abhishek gives assurance to Dimple then tells he is sure Raghav must have thought about something. Raghav gets shocked. He then tells he has the responsibility to unite Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan’s friendship. Bhawana argues with him. Dimple calms her down. Bhawana decides to think about something about this Haldi thing. Raghav then shares his plan to unite with the other three of them. Meanwhile, Bhanu records the video of them together and gets determined to foil the plan to unite both the families.

Gaurav returns to Abhishek’s room and gets shocked not finding the latter there. He searches for Abhishek. There, Abhishek asks whether Raghav’s plan will work for sure? Bhawana support Raghav’s plan saying that it will definitely work on their favour. Gaurav arrives there so Raghav, Bhawana and Dimple hide themselves. He questions Abhishek for leaving his room. Abhishek distracts Gaurav until the other three of them leave the place then goes with Gaurav. Bhanu gets determined to not to let unite both the families.

The next day, Raghav asks Bhawana whether she thought about how to fulfill Dimple’s wish. Bhawana says she has to go to their house to execute her plan. Raghav decides to help her. There, Bhanu disguises himself as a woman and calls him as Bakkiyavati and asks Raghav to get ready to welcome him as Bakkiyavati. Meanwhile, Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan fights for a newspaper. Raghav sends them both separate ways by giving them their favoruite column in a newspaper. He then helps Bhawana to leave the house without anyone’s knowledge.

Bhawana spots a disguised Bhanu outside the Shastri’s house so questions him. Bhanu gets relieved that Bhawana didn’t saw him coming out of the house. He then pretends to searching for Raghav’s house so Bhawana helps him then leaves. In Srivastav’s house, Swati brings Dimple to start the Haldi ceremony. Bhanu as Bakkiyavati comes to the Srivastav’s house. Brij Mohan let the latter do the ritual of keeping evil eye off of Dimple. Both Brij Mohan and Jagjeevan indirectly taunts each other.

Raghav requests Bakkiyavati to bless his sister. Bhanu gets irked. Maliniguides a disguised Bhanu how to do the ritual of removing evil eye after Swati and Savita catches the latter doing it in a wrong way. Bhawana brings Haldi along with dhol people and instructs him to distract everyone. Raghav distracts everyone by taking with him to dance. Abhishek and Dimple smiles at each other. Bhawana takes Abhishek aside and applies Haldi on him. Raghav arrives and agrees to help Bhawana to exchange the Haldi. They all comes outside. Raghav and Bhawana exchanges the Haldi. Bhanu notices it and decides to execute his plan.

Precap: Bhanu gets worried that Aarav may captured his face so alert Malini. Later, Bhanu asks Malini to play the recording in front of everyone. Malini plays the video. Both the family gets shocked hearing Raghav-Bhawana’s plan.

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