Dheere Dheere Se Upcoming Story: Vidya’s vicious move!

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Star Bharat’s show Dheere Dheere Se is gearing up with an interesting drama with Swati determines to find out about Raghav’s earlier actions while Raghav stops Bhawana from catching Bansi to learn the truth. Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next?

Will Swati finds out about Raghav’s plans for Bhawana? Will Bhawana be able to find the blackmailer? What will be the reaction of Bhawana when she learns the blackmailer’s identity?

In the current track it shown that Bhanu suggests Jagjeevan to accompany him to Indore for the next two days. Jagjeevan hesitates and Aanchal worries. Bhawana asks Jagjeevan to accompany Bhanu. Jagjeevan agrees. Bhanu and Malini gets happy.

Here, Raghav feels Gaurav’s reserved behaviour towards him so questions Gaurav but Swati intervenes saying Gaurav is fine. Savita taunts Raghav which hurts the latter so he leaves without having breakfast. Bhawana seeks Abhishek’s help to get a scooter.

Abhishek takes Dimple’s scooter to help Bhawana. Malini foils Vidya’s plan to follow Bhawana and sends them both in the different directions. Bhawana struggles with the scooter and covers her face seeing Bhanu. Jagjeevan realises it’s Bhawana so he distracts Bhanu and takes him with him.

Bhawana spits Bansi on her way and demands him to reveal the blackmailer’s identity. Raghav saves Bansi from Bhawana by putting up an act. He then gets happy when Bhawana informs him, her plan to learn to drive scooter also if she wants his help then she will ask him then leaves the place.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Raghav will sit behind Bhawana in the scooter and gives her instructions of how to drive it. He will then watch Bhawana driving the scooter on her own with a smile on his face. Raghav will enjoy his bike ride with Bhawana.

Vidya will record a video of Bhawana and says to herself that now Bhawana can’t able to prove her wrong while she shows the recording to everyone and expose Bhawana’s lies to the family members.

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