Dhruv Tara 15th December 2023 Written Update: Rajmata gets angry on Bhavosa


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The episode starts with Rajmata tells Bhavosa that she don’t wants to hear any side word against Vallavgarh. Bhavosa tells Rajmata that she don’t have a right to say against her. Antara apologies Bhavosa on the behalf of Rajmata and justify her mother that we must not celebrate when others are destroyed in a disaster. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that as a human being we must show shome humanity who loss their life in the disaster and we must not celebrate on their loss. Surya tells Bhavosa that he agrees with Dhruv and tells Bhavosa that we must celebrate our victory not others loss. Bhavosa tells Dhruv that when Vallavgarh has shown the humanity had given curse to Devgarh. Bhavosa tells Dhruv that she went to temples to temple and Surya has sacrifice his hand then after the curse get removed and we get the heir of the throne. Bhavosa tells Surya that she will celebrate for the vanished of Vallavgarh because her family is now happy and safe. Bhavosa tells that she will start the celebration after burning the Gatha. Bhavosa tells that Vallavgarh is finished forever. Bheera waits for Dhruv’s reaction and even Bhavosa waits for Dhruv’s reaction to stop the wedding with Meenakshi. Dhruv walks away. Surya learns from a servant that the man has been declare criminal who comes to them for justice. The servant tells Surya that the villagers has decided to murder that man and widow for commiting this. Surya tells that he will not let happens.

Rajmata gets angry on Bhavosa and decides to protest against Bhavosa. Rajmata tells Dhruv that she is ready to fight with Bhavosa. Dhruv assures Rajmata that he handle the situation and will not them ruined the reputation of Vallavgarh. Rajmata asks Dhruv that how will he stop Bhavosa to burn the Gatha. Rajmata tells Dhruv that if he fails to fulfill his promise then she will start a war against Bhavosa. Dhruv assures Rajmata that he will handle Bhavosa.

Dhruv tells Tara that he have to go to save the couples to be get murdered. Tara is worried because she knows that Rajmata is angry from Bhavosa and will take a step to protect the reputation of Vallavgarh.

Surya and Anara disguise themselves and arrives in the village to save the couples. Surya tells Antara that he must announce the couples to get married to avoid this situation.

Antara see tha widow and tells Surya that she is going to talk her. Antara tells Surya to find that man .

Bheera tells that Rajmata and Dhruv was trying to react when she announce to burn the Gatha. Surya and Antara convince the couples to marry each other.

Bhavosa announces to burn the Gatha and start the celebration. Bhavosa throws that Gatha and set fire on it. Dhruv and Rajmata is worried to see. Dhruv tries to save the Gatha from fire and she extinguish the fire from the Gatha. Bhavosa decides to asks Dhruv about the fact and she will cancel the wedding.

The widow women marry that man. Surya dreams that she is married to Antara. Surya and Antara gives the blessings to the couples.

Bhavosa asks Dhruv that why he extinguish the fire from the Gatha and Bheera asks Dhruv that he is going to marry Devgarh’s girl and why he save the book. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that it’s not Vallavgarh Gatha because it’s Devgarh Gatha. Bhavosa gets to surprise to see. Meenakshi gets worry to see that Dhruv burn his hand to save Devgarh Gatha. Bheera thinks that Dhruv is clever.

Dhruv tells Tara that he is happy for that couple. Tara asks Dhruv that how he manage to save the Gatha of Vallavgarh. Dhruv tells Tara that he exchange the Gatha with other book and Rajmata AHS exchange the Gatha from Devgarh. Tara tells Dhruv that he is intelligent and reminds of about Samrat Singh incident.

Sona and Chandi gives a exotic bird to Meenakshi. Sona and Chandi tells Bhavosa that the bird is intelligent and will find the truth. Sona and Chandi tells Meenakshi to take the bird to Dhruv.The recognise Dhruv and Sona tells Bheera that the bird has successfully recognise Dhruv.

Precap-Bheera tells Bhavosa that the bird has recognise Dhruv. Surya decides to fly away the bird.