Dhruv Tara Upcoming Story: Samrat to question Tara’s integrity?

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Sab TV launched a brand new show named Dhruv Tara starring Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan. The first episode has been aired and the storyline is unique, something which the audience never experienced before. A love story which will combine two people belong to different culture and generations will entertain the audience and will leave an impact on them.

Princess Tara Priya wants to fulfil her ambition and her brother Mahaveer is supporting her though their father is unaware of that. There Dhurv is a doctor who has his own agenda of living a life. How these two will come together that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Dhruv feels dizzy due to the smoke Tara filled in his room. He obeys her when she asks him to accompany her. She takes him out of the house and Sushila sees Dhruv is leaving with Tara in the heavy stormy night.

Sushila tries to stop him but he is gone. She faints recalling the past mishap when her husband too disappeared in the same manner with a lady. Sushila blames Vidya for bringing Tara in the house. Ayesha reads Tara’s letter where she writes she can’t reveal the reason why she is taking away Dhruv but she has an important cause but he will be back soon.

Sushila searches for Dhurv being anxious and there Tara tries to take Dhruv to the same place where they first met. Dhruv starts cycling and takes her there. He says he can see honesty in her eyes. Ayesha also goes out to search for Dhruv.

In future episodes viewers will see Ayesha will get hit by a car but Jay will save her on time. She will say that she can’t live without Dhruv. There Tara will decode that where is the Nabrang Forest. She will ask Kanha ji to help her.

How will Tara reach Vallavgarh?

To know what will happen next in your favourite shows, stay tuned to this space.

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