Dhruv Tara Upcoming Story: Tara to get upset knowing Dharmendra is in Coma?


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Sab TV launched a brand new show named Dhruv Tara starring Riya Sharma and Ishaan Dhawan. The first episode has been aired and the storyline is unique, something which the audience never experienced before.

A love story which will combine two people belong to different culture and generations will entertain the audience and will leave an impact on them.

Princess Tara Priya wants to fulfil her ambition and her brother Mahaveer is supporting her though their father is unaware of that. There Dhurv is a doctor who has his own agenda of living a life. How these two will come together that will be interesting to watch.

In previous episode, Tara waits for Dhruv to know about Dharmendra’s health condition. Dhruv notifies her that he is in coma and he can’t hear or speak now. Tara gets worried thinking how will she prove her honesty to Dhruv now. She goes to eat fresh food but Sushila stops her and asks her to eat the leftover as she is a maid.

Tara recalls how she never let her maids eat the leftover food. Later when Sushila gets offended seeing Dhruv’s insult, he makes her understand that she should not insult someone else’s daughter in the same manner as God is present in every living being. Tara gets impressed hearing his words. He offers her the fresh food and Ayesha feels jealous seeing them.

Later Tara decides to make a plan to take Dhruv to Mahaveer and she believes her intentions are good so nothing will go wrong. Later Sushila stops some kids from playing Holi in the house which surprises Tara.

In future episodes viewers will see Tara and Dhruv will try to color each other’s faces. Sushila will take away Dhruv from her and Tara will decide to kidnap him to take him to Vallavgarh.

How will Tara kidnap Dhruv?

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