Dil Diyaan Gallaan 21st October 2023 Written Update: Rohan attacks Dilpreet

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Episode begins with Veer cries hugging Disha. On the other hand, Salty calls Rohan and asks him that when he will come. Rohan tells her that he will leave from the police station after police inspector’s arrival. He asks her about Sanjot and Nimrit. She tells him that she will send them to the hospital and disconnects the call. She tells Nimrit that Alia’s condition got worsen. Nimrit asks that who will take care of Shekhar. Salty tells her that Sanjot will take care of Shekhar. Nimrit leaves for the hospital. Salty uses the same trick with Sanjot.

Rohan tells himself that he will take his son today no matter what. Shekhar wakes up and he asks Salty about Disha. Salty tells him that Disha left for hospital.

Disha asks Rana about Alia’s condition. Rana tells her that Alia is not fine. He tells Maan that the latter know one pediatrician. Maan reminds him that Aastha sent divorce papers. Rana asks him to keep his ego aside and call Aastha. Maan calls Aastha and informs her about Alia’s condition. He tells her that he need her to save Alia.

Sanjot asks Dilpreet about Alia. Dilpreet tells her that Alia is in critical condition still. Rana blames Nimrit for Alia’s condition. Sanjot and Dilpreet gets shocked seeing Nimrit there. Nimrit tells Sanjot about Salty’s lie. Dilpreet leaves from the hospital. He calls Shekhar and tells him to not leave the house with Salty. Salty tries to take Shekhar. Dilpreet notices the halwa bowl. He questions Salty. Rohan attacks Dilpreet from behind.

Sanjot asks Veer to not worry because Dilpreet left for house. Rana leaves for house. Veer calls Dilpreet but no response from other side. Disha asks God to make everything fine. Doctor tells them that Alia’s condition is worsening. Disha asks Alia to wake up. She tells Veer that Alia need him. Nimrit says that she will go house and leaves from there.

Rohan drags the unconscious Dilpreet to a room. After some time, Dilpreet holds Rohan’s leg and tells him to leave Shekhar. He pushes Rohan and strangulates him. Salty asks Dilpreet to leave Rohan. Shekhar takes the gun. Rohan asks Shekhar to give the gun to him. Shekhar gives the gun to Dilpreet. Dilpreet tells Rohan and Salty that even Shekhar know their truth. He tells Shekhar to hide. Shekhar runs from there. Dilpreet loses his consciousness due to blood loss. Rohan is about to shoot Dilpreet but Rana pushes Rohan. Nimrit pushes Salty. Aastha video calls Maan and tells him that she will reach the hospital in an hour.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Veer tells Alia that he blamed her for his loneliness and Amrita’s death. He says that he was selfish till now. He pleads her to give him one last chance. Alia’s condition gets worsen.

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