Dil Diyaan Gallaan 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Amrita gets heartbroken


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The episode starts with Ria telling Veer that she is jealous of Amrita and she thought Amrita will leave after her thesis will be rejected. Why Amrita wants to come between them? She tells Veer to say something. Veer says he has to sort the issue right now, his career will be destroyed. Ria tells him again she loves him a lot, why he is only worried about Amrita’s thesis? Veer tells Ria to leave as he will think something to solve the problem. He shouts at Ria and the latter leaves. Lucky notices Amrita and apologises to her for being fake professor due to circumstances. She says she wants to talk to Veer. She asks him who rejected her thesis if not him. Veer lies to her that he saved it in the draft before her arrival in India. He sent it by mistake.

Amrita calls him sir and he says he is her friend not sir. Amrita says she learned what does he want. Veer tries to explain to her but she leaves thinking perhaps Veer also loves Ria thus he didn’t expose her name. Veer gets frustrated and kicks a chair. Maan tells Astha that he wants to buy a machine for the Maan Hospital. She says they can send these facilities to India as well. Maan says he wanted the same but Dilpreet didn’t let him stay there. Astha says they have an offer to build charitable hospital in India so they might send the facilities there. Maan likes the idea and says he is in contact with big doctors of India. He asks where the charitable hospital will be built? Astha says in Punjab. Maan gets stunned. Amrita walks on road alone and Jag Suna Suna Laage plays in background. She gets heartbroken and recalls Veer’s words. Astha calls Amrita saying the latter’s work is done. Astha then says she likes Veer and Sanjot also praises him a lot. Sanjot is thinking to unite Veer and Amrita. Astha says she knows Amrita also cares for Veer as she went to Gurudwara for him and he is a nice guy too. She should not lose him, Astha adds Veer is like Maan who will never leave Amrita’s side. Astha says Sanjot told her Veer also likes Amrita. That’s a great thing to which Amrita tells her not to have false hope. She reveals Veer loves Randeep’s daughter Ria.

Dilpreet looks at angry Sanjot and decides to say sorry to her. Randeep and Nimrit imitate both of them and Randeep tries to boost Nimrit’s mood like how Dilpreet and Sanjot talk to each other. Randeep tells a poem and forgets the lines in the middle. Dilpreet finishes the lines and he seeks forgiveness from Sanjot for the last night fight. Sanjot accepts his apology and he tells her to get ready to go to Panchayat. Dilpreet says after the land matter is solved they will finalize the engagement date of Ria and Veer. Amrita tells Astha that nothing can happen between her and Veer as he is so protective about Ria. Amrita says to Astha she is coming back to America soon and it’s the end of discussion. She hangs up and feels shattered. Amrita says they are right she loves Veer but her love is one sided. She cries and says she will go back to abroad forever.

Precap- Veer says he likes Ria but doesn’t love her. Nimrit hears that. Randeep sees the bank locker is empty and he gets shocked.

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