Durga Aur Charu 15th March 2023 Written Update: Chumki hides Durga in the storeroom


Durga Aur Charu 15th March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Dadi reaches Anirban’s house and gets emotional seeing Anirban with sherwani. She asks him to get ready and leaves from there. Latika asks Anirban that if he forgot Charu already. Anirban tells her to not take Charu’s name in front of him and he will marry Durga today. She gets shocked hearing him and leaves from there. He hope that Charu never comes in front of him.

On the other hand, Charu tells Durga that the latter will look world’s best bride. Durga says that no one cares about her happiness than Charu. Charu tells her that the latter will be happy with Anirban. Durga says that she want to take Charu to Anirban’s house after marriage. Chumki asks her to not make wish like that. She asks Charu that where the latter went during haldi ceremony. Charu lies to her that she went to temple.

On the other hand, Guruji arrives at Banerjee house and he blesses Anirban. He says that Anirban is lucky and his wife will be shield to protect him. Latika gets shocked hearing him. She thinks that she won’t let this marriage to happen.

Charu looks after the decorations. Sampurna tells Charu that the latter is blessing in Durga’s life. She says that she need not to worry about Durga when Charu is with Durga. And she know Charu will protect Durga always. She hope that Anirban also protect Durga and give happiness to her. Charu tells her that, that will happen. She promises to her that she won’t let problem arrive in Durga’s life.

Latika reaches Choudhary house and meets Chumki. She tells the plan to her and she gives something to her. She asks her to execute the plan and leaves from there.

Chumki says that she will help Durga to get ready. Sampurna asks Durga to drink juice. Charu and Sampurna teases Durga. Chumki mixes the powder in the juice which Latika gave her. Durga drinks the juice. Sampurna tells Chumki to help Durga to get ready. She takes Charu with her. Durga tells Chumki that her head is paining. Chumki scolds her for not eating anything since morning. She tells her to take rest for sometime. Durga loses her consciousness and falls on the bed.

Anirban’s family arrives at Choudhary house. Sampurna and Binoy welcomes them.

Chumki drags Durga to the storeroom. She says that Durga’s marriage can’t happen with Anirban.

Charu and Sampurna searches Durga in her room. They wonders that where Durga went. Binoy asks Sampurna to bring Durga. Chumki tells herself that everyone should know Durga run away from the marriage. She tells Raj shri to go and meet Durga. Sampurna stops Raj shri. Chumki tells Sampurna that the latter is not looking good. She asks her that if Durga is fine.

Episode ends.

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