Durga Aur Charu 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Latika plans to use Charu to break Anirban and Durga’s marriage


Durga Aur Charu 22nd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Sampurna tells Charu that Anirban’s marriage happened with Charu so the latter is Anirban’s Raksha Kavach. She asks her to go to Anirban’s house for Durga’s sake. She says that Anirban and Durga would have died today. She asks her that if the latter can see Durga as widow. She tells her to stay in Anirban’s house as Anirban’s Raksha Kavach for 100 days. And Durga will become Anirban’s Raksha Kavach once she gets married to Anirban. Charu tells her that this is wrong and she can’t do this.

Dadi tells Savitri to start graha pravesh ritual. Durga is about to fall but Charu saves the former. Dadi tells Savitri that she can’t tolerate Charu’s presence. Durga performs graha pravesh ritual. Charu also performs graha pravesh ritual unintentionally. Durga and Anirban takes elders blessings. Abhirup says that Anirban made him happy by bringing Durga as daughter in law to this family. Latika notices Charu’s foot marks and she tells about it to Dadi.

Chumki says that first Charu entered Choudhary house and now Charu’s graha pravesh happened in Banerjee’s house. Dadi scolds Charu. Chumki tells Charu that Durga will be punished for Charu’s mistake. She pushes her. Durga notices wound on Charu’s feet and she asks Charu that why the latter did not tell about it. Charu recalls that how she saw Latika noticing her foot marks and she hurts his foot deliberately.

Abhirup says that they should perform remaining rituals. Durga bends to treat Charu’s wound but Dadi stops Durga. Anirban tells Chumki to treat Charu’s wound. Chumki murmurs that she is not maid. She agrees to treat Charu’s wound. She brings ointment and treats Charu’s wound. She says that Charu is unlucky that’s why the latter did not get Anirban. Charu tells her that she and Anirban are good friends. And Durga and Anirban love each other. She claims that she is lucky because her friend is Durga. Chumki hurts Charu’s leg deliberately but pretends like it happened by mistake.

Anirban hears Charu’s scream. He recalls that how he told Charu to not come in front of him. He asks Chumki to treat Charu’s wound carefully because Charu is Durga’s special friend. He tauntingly says that Charu can love Durga only. He asks that how Charu reached the accident spot. Charu says that she missed Durga and she want to stay there for few days.

Anirban tells her that she can’t stay there because he want Durga to spend time with him. He tells driver to drop Charu at Choudhary house. Latika tells Anirban that Durga and Choudhary’s won’t like this. She says that let Charu stay there for two days for Durga’s sake. He goes inside. Rajshri is about to take Charu to guest room. But Dadi stops Rajshri and tells her to take Charu to servant room. She tells Latika to take Chumki to guest room. Latika tells Chumki that she need Charu to break Anirban and Durga’s marriage.

Abhirup tells Anirban that the latter won his heart and hugs his son. Later, Anirban helps Durga to wear jewel. He wonders that why Charu came to his house when she promised to not come in front of him and leaves from there. Durga wonders that what happened to Anirban.

Episode ends.

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