Durga Aur Charu 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Durga learns that Anirban love Charu

Durga Aur Charu 23rd March 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode begins with Latika tells Chumki that Durga don’t know about Anirban and Charu’s relationship truth. So if Durga got to know the truth then she will break the marriage. She asks her to write the truth in letter and make sure Durga reads that letter. Chumki asks her that what she will get by doing this. Latika informs Chumki about Mihir. After some time, Savitri tells Latika that the latter should not have stopped Charu, because Anirban love Charu so much and it can create distance between Durga and Anirban. Rajshri tells her that Durga will win Anirban’s heart soon.

On the other hand, Anirban asks Charu that why she came to his house. Charu tells him that she came for Durga. He tells that she is lying because he can read her eyes. She tells him that she did not come there for him. Meanwhile, Dadi brings Durga downstairs. Everyone compliments Durga. Dadi asks Durga to bring Anirban to perform rituals. Durga goes upstairs.

Anirban asks Charu that why she came, after promising him that she won’t come in front of him. Charu tells him that she don’t have any other choice. He says that he won’t let Charu stay in his house. She tells him that she will return to this house for Durga’s sake. He tells her to stop taking advantage of Durga’s goodness and leave the house. She asks him that why her presence is affecting him. And if Anirban can’t keep his promise if she stayed there then. He tells her that she don’t have rights to question him because she is not his wife. And they just share hate relationship. She leaves from there. Durga tells Anirban that Dadi calling him to perform rituals.

Chumki tells herself that Durga will leave the house after reading the letter and she keeps the letter on the table and leaves the room. Durga reads the letter and learns that Anirban love Charu.

Charu helps servant. Chumki notices Durga with letter and thinks that this is the right time to create drama. She pushes Charu deliberately. Anirban saves Charu before she falls down. Everyone sees them together including Durga. Latika tells Savitri that it looks like Charu want to stay in the house for Anirban. Dadi tells Anirban to take elders blessings. Charu tells Savitri that she want to help her. Savitri tells her to not do anything for Durga’s sake. Rajshri takes Durga downstairs.

Charu goes near house temple. Dadi scolds Charu for going near house temple. Charu thinks that she has to remain silent because she has to stay in that house for 100 days and leaves from there. Chumki informs Latika that Durga read the letter. Charu reads the letter and she wonders that who wrote the letter. She decides to learn that Durga read the letter or not.

Episode ends.

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