Durga Aur Charu 8th February 2023 Written Update: Anirban saves Durga and Charu


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Episode begins with Anirban comes there and he praises Durga and Charu. He tells Sarpanch that the latter did not decide the lawyer yet. He says that the one who brings stay order will get the case. Sarpanch agrees with him. Durga says that this case is important for her so she will win the case. Charu says that this case is important for her too so she will win it for sure. They introduces themselves but they fails to recognize each other. Charu asks Anirban that who is he. Anirban lies that he is an government officer and he wants Sarpanch’s sign on few papers. Sarpanch tells him that he will sign later. Durga says that she saw Anirban in the play.

On the other hand, Servant informs Abhirup that basti people got two lawyers. Abhirup scolds Servant. Latika hurts Servant. Meanwhile, Sarpanch asks Durga that why she lied about her identity. Durga tells him that she don’t want to use her surname. Charu thinks that she has to hide from everyone that she came from jail until she wins the case.

Anirban flirts with Durga. He plans to steal the papers from Durga and Charu. He thinks that he won’t let them submit the papers in the court. He goes to Charu’s room. Charu is about to fall and Anirban holds her hand. She asks him that what is he doing there. He tells her that he came to warn her about Durga.

Later, basti people tells Durga and Charu to perform puja because they are guests. Charu and Durga struggles to take the aarti plate due to heavyweight. Anirban helps them and they performs puja. Durga asks God to give this case to her so she can gain Sampurna’s love again. Charu asks God to give this case to her so she can write her own destiny. Anirban thinks that he has to defeat Durga and Charu to win Abhirup’s love. He asks God to help him. He notices that temple bell is about to fall on them. He saves both Durga and Charu and faints.

Doctor treats Anirban’s injury and says that he is glad injury is not deep. He gives medicine paste to Charu and leaves from there. She tries to apply medicine paste on Anirban’s injury but he stops her saying that it will burn. Durga flirts with him divert his mind. Charu applies medicine paste on Anirban’s injury.

Basti man claims that bride is unlucky that’s why temple bell fell down. Charu tells him that bride is not unlucky. She says that someone deliberately made this bell fell down and she will reveal the culprit name when police comes. Anirban thinks that Charu is really smart. Bride’s father thanks Charu.

Durga asks Charu that how the latter will prove her claim when she don’t have any proof. Charu tells her that she will think what she has to do. She asks her to not tell the truth to anyone. Durga leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Durga and Charu dances together. Anirban takes their court papers. Charu sees him.

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