Faltu 13th November 2022 Written Update: Pappi determines to find about Anmol’s truth


Faltu 13th November 2022 Written Update On SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with Faltu getting inside Ayaan’s room in order to clean it. She takes the broom and starts practicing cricket in front of him. He sees her being impressed and corrects her mistakes. He recalls her training with him and ask her to show all the moves, while she performs it correctly. He gets flashes of his game after seeing her form and then gets up to teach her new moves. She was about to bring bat for him in order to teach her, but he remembers his promise to Janardan and stops her from going away. He ask her to give the broom and shows her the move with it.

Here, Faltu learns it quickly and appreciates his talent. She says that she can do it but then questions that why he stopped her from bringing the bat? To which he hides the truth from her and ask her to keep practicing for her match. He reminds her about her goal, while she continues her training. He then holds her from back in order to correct her posture while both gets into an eyelock.

At that time Pratap comes inside Ayaan’s room and sees both of the practicing. They immediately gets away from each other feeling awkward, while Pratap questions that why are they behaving oddly. He then gives a shocking news about the training for competition. Faltu gets stunned and worries that she still haven’t learned everything about cricket.

Elsewhere, Faltu starts panicking and states that she won’t be able to do it. Ayaan gives her confidence and ask not to fear. He assures that she can do it and proclaims that everyone will be stunned to see her game. He then ask her to get ready as Anmol while she dresses up like him. She tries to find the moustache but couldn’t able to get it.

Faltu tells about the issue to Ayaan while he scolds her and then makes her sit near the mirror. He takes the pencil and draws some moustache on her face to make her look more like a guy. He also ask her to walk like a guy as her walk was feminine. She gets irked and says that it’s a lot of hard work. He also reminds her to be alert and ask her always to stay motivated.

Ahead, Faltu’s sisters talks to one another while working inside the kitchen. They complains about their aunty as the latter is making them work non stop. They also shows their concern towards Faltu and says that how she will manage her life with Pappi. At that time their aunty comes and ask about Faltu, to which they replies that they are unaware of her.

Ayaan goes out along with Faltu being disguised as Anmol. At that time Ratan’s wife confront them but couldn’t able to recognize Faltu. She demands extra money for Anmol, to which Ayaan replies that he only came to meet him and denies to pay more. He then goes along with Faltu while they laughs as they fooled her.

Further, Ratan’s wife shares her suspicion with Pappi and ask to find about Faltu. He goes to the cricket play ground and sees Pratap along with Anmol and Ayaan. He determines to find about Anmol’s truth and keeps an eye on him, whereas the training of Faltu’s team gets started. She finds it hard to cope up with them but does her best. Meanwhile, Ayaan keeps cheering for her. He signs her to act injured as the ball hits her and takes her away from there. He ask her to correct her hair inside the boys washroom as the ladies ones aren’t available. She goes inside the washroom while Ayaan attends a call, whereas Pappi follows her in order to find about Anmol’s truth. Meanwhile, Sumitra taunts Sid that if his plan again gets flooped? And warns that Ayaan will become the CEO if he couldn’t able to stop him.

Precap:- Janardan calls Ayaan and ask him to return back to his home instantly. Ayaan states that he will have to stay there for a bit longer, but Janardan denies and tells that his engagement with Tanisha is fixed on the next day and states that he will have to be there. Ayaan starts going back to his room, while Faltu stops him and ask if he will come to see her match? He will look at her while she stares back at him with expectation.

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