Faltu 19th August 2023 Written Update: Faltu catches Tanisha in red handed

Faltu 19th August 2023 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Episode starts with the interrogation of Tanisha who told everyone Ayaan has messaged her. Janardhan asks her directly how Ayaan could message her if Ayaan switched off his phone. Tanisha tries to divert the accusation towards Faltu. But Faltu emphatically says Ayaan has called her being in difficult situation. No one can understand what’s going on and what they should do. Again Tanisha blames Neel for kidnapping Ayaan to marry Faltu safely. Neel also confesses that this whole marriage ceremony was a fake and this was a drama to get back Ayaan in Faltu’s life.

When no one finds out any way how to rescue Ayaan, Faltu asks them to find out the mobile phone of Ayaan so they will get the clue. Seeing the nervous face of Tanisha, Faltu accuses Tanisha for kidnapping Ayaan. Though Tanisha declines all the accusation of Faltu. But Faltu wants to show all the messages sent by Ayaan. She also wants to check the room of Tanisha. She is totally screwed. Faltu snatches the phone from the hand of Tanisha. Tanisha recalls the alerting words of her mother.

Meanwhile, the goons takes away Ayaan in a another place so one track their present location. Here, Brijmohon seems very tensed regarding Neel. He suddenly gets a message from Neel in where he is asking to arrange for his wedding. He donuts whether Neel kidnapped Ayaan. Savita also interrogate Tanisha if she has done anything. If Tanisha would anything Ayaan, she didn’t wouldn’t s spare her.

Coming in room, Faltu proceeds to search the whole room of Tanisha. Though Tanisha tries to best to resist Faltu. But as soon as Faltu opens the almirah of Tanisha, she gets the mobile phone of Ayaan and clears out that Tanisha herself has kidnapped Ayaan for her own sake. Tanisha wanted to create a misunderstanding between Ayaan and Faltu. She also clears out Neel didn’t have any reason to kidnap Ayaan.

Coming aside, Tanisha orders the goons to kill Ayaan. They charge extra money from Tanisha. But Tanisha emphatically asks to kill Ayaan so that Faltu and Ayaan would never be unified. Meanwhile, Sid comes and realises the reason behind the of behaviour of Tanisha. Faltu adjoins that Tanisha still wants Ayaan as her life partner. From a immense jealousy, Tanisha has done everything. Sid proceeds to call the police.

Tanisha accepts all the accusation and clarifies that whatever she had done is to get Ayaan. She again blames Faltu for spoiling her plan that’s why Ayaan wouldn’t come alive. Seeing her shamelessness everyone gets awestrucked. She treats everyone that she will Ayaan. Sid can’t control her wrath and proceeds to hurt Tanisha. He also clears out he wouldn’t let be happy with her selfishness. Tanisha clarifies that whatever she wants to revenge for her mother’s punishment. No one could track the present location of Ayaan. Taking the phone of Tanisha, Faltu tries to contact with the goons. Janardan will get that news that Ayaan is no more. Everyone breaks down.

Episode ends.

Precap : Kanika shouts at Tanisha as she has murdered Ayaan. She asks the police to arrest her.

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