Faltu 19th March 2023 Written Update: Tanisha to ruin Ayaan’s work and laptop!


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Episode begins with Faltu getting a call from her friends saying how Ayaan came to find her. Friends say maybe that girl told Ayaan so he came, he said he wants to talk to you. Faltu says it’s good now he will be more prepared to get questioned by me. Friends say whatever you are planning, do it faster, as Rajan is also calling for you and you need to enter the academy again. Faltu says I also don’t want to stay here, I am just waiting to talk to Ayaan who is busy, I won’t go back to the academy as whatever I have learnt it’s from Ayaan and I can’t defame him, I will grow by playing locals only. Call ends. Here, Ayaan is in his cabin and asks the assistant to give coffee and not to allow anyone to come inside. Ayaan thinks I will write about Faltu’s game from a fake name, then these articles will help Faltu as I know Faltu doesn’t want to take help from me.

Faltu gets a call from home so she gets emotional and asks about everyone. Rajjo praises Faltu’s game and how the money she sent was so useful. Faltu’s mom says Charan is so proud he is showing the video to everyone. Faltu gets happy and ends the call. Ayaan starts writing his article and someone sends a big box for him. Ayaan asks him to keep it aside. Tanisha worries when Ayaan doesn’t pick up her calls so she calls on the office number. Assistant says to Tanisha about Ayaan working in office cabin and he is busy. Tanisha worries and decides to go to office.

Janardhan asks her if everything is fine? Tanisha says yes. She goes. Rocky thinks something must have happened that is why Tanisha is so worried. Tanisha reaches office and questions Ayaan why was he not picking up the calls? Ayaan says I was working on something important and my phone was on silent. Tanisha says what’s so important you are working on, let me see too. Tanisha tries to come near his laptop when Ayaan makes water fall on his laptop. Ayaan says be careful Tanisha, now I will have to repair it, there are so many documents in here.

Tanisha says I am so sorry I don’t know how the water fell. Ayaan says it’s okay, tell me why were you calling? Tanisha says as we are going to farmhouse tomorrow I want to go to shopping. They leave. Here, Rocky is packing and thinking to talk to Ayaan soon and get out of this house.

Next day, everyone is keeping the luggage in cars and preparing to leave. Janardhan asks everyone to hurry as they are already late. Rocky thinks to cancel out on going. Tanisha and Ayaan discuss how without Savitri whole family won’t be able to enjoy. Janardhan says her friend was ill and she needed her so she had to go and once situation gets better she will return. Govind brings Rocky to everyone and says Rocky is saying that he is leaving the job.

Everyone gets shocked. Kumkum says you are doing this as Janardhan scolded you yesterday right? He is elder to you it’s okay, we sorted it out. Rocky says it’s not about that, there is some work I have to take care of. Janardhan says you have already taken advance from us and now doing this? Ayaan says dad it’s not about money, we should try to know what happened. Ayaan asks Rocky to trust him and tell him. Rocky says no , there is nothing like that. Dadi says you know we all like your cooking style.

Sumitra says Rocky you are doing all this for money right, but we won’t come into this trap to pay you more money, we are dependent on you to go to farmhouse as you had to cook so that is why you are doing this. Dadi asks Sumitra to stop it. Kumkum says Rocky please understand the situation. Janardhan says we are pleasing this servant Rocky, we don’t have to go that low. Dadi says wait, let me handle it. Rocky thinks just because of Ayaan I can’t disappoint all of them as they have always given me a home in this big city. Dadi says come with us on this trip and take some time to think over it again if you still feel the same then you can leave. Rocky says okay, but I have a request that start finding another cook, as soon as the new cook joins I will leave.

Everyone agrees. They leave. Ayaan and Rocky are left behind when Ayaan says I was right, you had a fight with your girlfriend right? Rocky says no. Ayaan says you have changed. Rocky says people are made to change overtime. They all leave. They reach the farmhouse. Tanisha asks Rocky to let her cook puris for Ayaan. Rocky agrees. Ayaan talks to the PI about finding about Faltu as after 2 days there is another local match and he will be back by then too. Tanisha gets hurt from hot oil of puris. Everyone worries. Sid worries and says why you had to cook when we had Rocky see how much hurt you are. Sid becomes over concerned so Sumitra says a friend cares for another friend.

Ayaan comes and takes Tanisha inside. Tanisha asks everyone not to scold Rocky as she only asked him not to make it as she wanted to do it. Ayaan puts ointment when Tanisha says I am sorry because of me you couldn’t have breakfast. Ayaan says no issues. Rocky comes with food and says no one will stay hungry when I am cooking, you all enjoy your plans you made for farmhouse. He leaves. Ayaan excuses himself and goes. Ayaan gets a call and it’s from Faltu. Ayaan says Faltu thank god you called please meet me and don’t avoid me. Faltu says yes we will meet and this will be the last time. Ayaan says why last time? Don’t do this, I will come to Mumbai I am 2 hours away. Faltu says you don’t have to come, I am here, where you are. Faltu says today at 4pm meet me behind your farmhouse. Ayaan agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Faltu questions Ayaan and shows him the proofs. Ayaan says I will prove myself right and then you will understand but next time only my proof will see you not me. Ayaan says a relationship where trust is not there that is not worth continuing. They both feel emotional.

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