Faltu Upcoming Story: Ajit to help Ayaan realise his feelings for Faltu!


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Star Pluss’ show Faltu is showing a lot of twists and turns. With Faltu getting a confession out of Vishal, she is now in for a big shock when Vishal is all set to make Faltu believe that Ayaan was the master mind behind this plan.

Viewers are curious to watch if Faltu will believe in the fake evidence or have faith in her feelings for Ayaan!

In today’s episode, Kanika tells Tanisha about her actual plan where the bank involved to pay Vishal is Ayaan’s so if Faltu tries to find anything she will get led onto Ayaan. Rocky sees the nurses take leave so he and his friend decide to pretend as nurses for Vishal.

They becomes friends with Vishal and get drinks for him. Vishal gets happy and gets drunk in no time. Rocky records Vishal’s confession where he says how Faltu played well but he trapped her and everyone believed him against Faltu. Vishal calls rich people jealous of Faltu’s success.

Flatu tries to know who are thos rich people but Vishal doesn’t reveal it. Tanisha plans an outing to farmhouse which upsets Ayaan as he thinks of ways to find Faltu. Later, Rocky shows video to Vishal and asks him about the master mind. Faltu reveals herself infront of Vishal. Vishal takes Ayaan’s name which shocks Faltu.

Vishal shoes the bank statement and name on it. Faltu feels betrayed and decides to confront Ayaan soon. Kanika and Tanisha worry thinking if Faltu confronts Ayaan then they will get exposed soon. Tanisha goes into a state of shock where she imagines the worst and how she will have to stay alone if everything comes out. Next day,

Ajit comes to give fresh vegetables from his farm to Dadi. Rocky gets shocked thinking Ajit will recognise her or if Ayaan sees him then he will be angry. Ayaan sees Ajit and takes him inside to talk about something.

In upcoming episodes, Faltu and her friends will plan to confront those three girls. Faltu will also think to confront Ayaan herself. Ayaan will decide to help Faltu in getting her dream career to be a successful cricketer come true.

Ayaan will pledge to help Faltu no matter what challenge comes infront of him. Ayaan will get determined in his goal. He will also realise how the soft corner he has for Faltu is a string feeling of love. Ayaan will accept that he loves Faltu.

It will be interesting to watch, how Tanisha will react to Faltu’s presence in Mumbai?

Will this new challenge bring Faltu and Ayaan close? Will Faltu doubt on Ayaan?

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