Faltu Upcoming Story: Ayaan to get worried about Faltu!


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The peculiar twist in the tale of Star Plus newly launched show “Faltu” is enthralling the audiences. The brilliant star cast along with the plot is capturing the attention of the audiences.

The story is gearing up for some intense drama in Faltu and Ayaan’s life. Previously, Janardan called Ayaan back to their home for his engagement, while the latter tried to delay it but got unsuccessful.

He recalled his promise to Faltu and then left a letter for her before leaving. Faltu got motivated by reading his words and decided to win the match, to make him proud. Whereas, Pappi determined to marry the latter.

In the current track, Ayaan keeps thinking about Faltu and recalls his moments with her. Whereas, the latter also misses him and encourages herself to make him proud by winning the match. She determines to get rid of Pappi by giving him his money back and proclaims that she will never marry him.

Here, Ayaan keeps asking his men about Faltu’s state while her family started the preparation for her marriage. She disguises herself as Anmol and was about to go to the ground for the match, when Pratap’s mother confronts them and ask about Faltu.

Pratap handles the situation and tells that the latter is getting ready inside her room. Pratap assures that he will return back before the evening while his mother blesses him and then he goes away with Anmol.

Ahead, Pappi comes there dressed up as groom while everyone reminds him that the marriage is in the evening. He states that he couldn’t wait for so long and demands to see Faltu. Jamana goes to bring the latter out but gets shocked upon not finding her.

Pappi glares at Anmol while Pratap diverts his mind by calling him brother-in-law. Pappi gets elated and smiles while Pratap and Anmol instantly goes to the match ground. Whereas, Jamana notify everyone about Faltu’s missing and Pappi becomes furious.

Later, Faltu gets scared seeing the opponent team but recalls Ayaan’s words and motivates herself to win. Whereas, Pappi threatens to send Charan to jail if they couldn’t able to find Faltu. Meanwhile, Ayaan also find about the havoc which gets created by Faltu’s missing.

Now in the upcoming episode, Pappi will reach the cricket ground. Whereas, Faltu will stand there being disguised as Anmol to play the match, while the latter will confront her.

Faltu’s family will also gather there while Pappi will remove her helmet along with her wig and everyone will get shocked to see her. Meanwhile, Faltu will look at them being worried.

Will Ayaan comes for Faltu’s rescue?

Will Ayaan be able to help Faltu?

It would be interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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